Eula is the next to release playable character in Genshin Impact. Her banner is set to arrive on May 18, 2021. She is a five-star Cryo user and a Claymore wielder from Mondstadt, whose family has played a big antagonist role in the past. In this article, we will talk about whether you should be rolling on Eula’s banner “Born of Ocean Swell” or not.

Should I roll for Eula?

When you are trying to advise or help someone on deciding whether they should roll for a character in a gacha game like Genshin Impact. There are always two sides that play a major role.

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  • Objective reasons to roll on the banner.
  • Subjective reason(Simps, Whales and other kinds of creatures born out of gacha hell).

Should new Genshin Impact players roll on Eula’s banner?

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Eula’s banner is best for new players, especially, because of two characters. The first being Eula herself and the second is Xingqiu. Beidou and Xinyan are equally good characters, but, we don’t recommend wasting your early game resources on all four of them.

Remember, no character in Genshin Impact is bad. It’s the artifacts, weapons and talent level that decides whether they good or not.

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Eula is best for new players as she is best when used as a Physical Damage dealer. Her Elemental skill and burst attacks and other passive and constellation abilities highly affect target resistance, allowing you to hit even harder. At the beginning of the game, don’t make a mistake and level up all characters.

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Leveling Eula if more than enough to carry you to AR 40.

Xingqiu on the other hand, if by far, one of the best support characters. His elemental burst is just pure love.

So new Genshin Impact players should definitely roll on Eula’s banner.

Should old Genshin Impact players roll on Eula’s banner?

Old Genshin Impact players who have been playing the game for a long time do not need Eula. But if you want Eula, you should definitely roll on her banner. Whether it is for getting a full constellation Xinqiu or C0 Eula? you can roll, but it is not necessary. You can skip her for future banners.

Subjective reasons on why you should be rolling for Eula

Image via miHoYo

[We hope we have used the best cover image to talk on this small topic.] Eula is a well crafted playable character in Genshin Impact. She is voiced by talented voice actors like
Suzie Yeung(English), Rina Sato(Japanese), Kim Hyeon-ji (Korean) and Ziyin(Chinese).

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Her character model is the prime example of perfection, aesthetically, neither you or me or any of us can skin on Eula’s banner. Heck, that Sneeze though, whether you roll on Eula’s banner or not, it depends on you. We will be rolling on her banner and covering builds, team compositions and other guides. So make sure to check out Touch Tap Play’s guide section.

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