Genshin Impact Mimi Tomo event is up and running. Players can talk to Katheryne in Mondstadt to start the event. In the beginning, players have to find Ella Musk and save her from the Hilichurl attack. Once players save her, she will give a manual on the Hilichurlian language and explain what players have to do in the event.

Long story short, you have to talk to Hilichurls in designated areas, complete their commission quests and learn about the location of Unusual Hilichurl.

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Genshin Impact’s Mimi Tomo event is straightforward, however, there are few things where new players might make mistakes. Like the commission that you get from Hilichurls are in their own language. Moreover, they are not straightforward requests – like when I interacted with the first Hilichurl he asked me to bring “Mita movo lata”, which means “Meat in water”.

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You can consult the manual to learn to translate the Hilichurl language. Also, make sure to thoroughly read and understand the requirements. Like in the above case, “Meat in water” means Fish Meat.

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Here is the complete guide for Genshin Impact Mimi Tomo event first stage, “Sighting”.

Mimi Tomo Event Sighting: How to investigate and find Unusual Hilichurl

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Go to the event menu, select Mimi Tomo event and click on “Go to Investigate”. You will get a location on your map with a small search area. Travel to the location and look for dancing Hilichurls. They are the ones willing to talk. However, even a few dancing ones will attack you. So in that case, just talk to another dancing Hilichurl.

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Once you talk to them, they will ask you to do some fighting or fetch something.

  • In sighting investigation, the first Hilichurl asks for “Mita movo lata”, which translates to “Meat in water”. Give him fish meat to get information on Unusual Hilichurl.
Image Credit – Hritwik

The second Hilichurl found in Guili Plains, asks you to defeat Treasure Hoarders.

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Once you defeat the enemies in the designated area, return and talk to the Hilichurl to get information on Unusual Hilichurl’s location.

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The Unusual Hilichurl location is in Hilichurlian language. Consult the Manual from Ella Musk to translated it.

  • In Sighting investigation, Unusual Hilichurl is found near Windrise.
    • Time – “Unta nunu”, which means “Late Night”.
  • Use the in-game clock to change the time to 12:10.
  • Visit the marked location and you will find the Unusual Hilichurl sleeping.
Image Credit – Hritwik

Defeat the Unusual Hilichurl within designated time to complete the investigation. Once that is completed.

  • Go to Events tab.
  • Select Mimi Tomo event.
  • Claim your reward.
    • Primogems X60
    • Hero’s Wit X6
    • Embroidered Lanterns X1
Image Credit – Hritwik

Genshin Impact is a free to play gacha-based role-playing game currently available on PC, PS4, Android, and iOS.

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