Genshin Impact Lotus Eater Walkthrough and Guide

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Recently Genshin Impact released version 2.4, which brought a lot of new content to the game. A new zone called Enkanomiya has become available in the game, in which players will find many interesting quests. In this guide, we will tell you about one such quest.

Lotus Eater Walkthrough

To make the quest available, you must have at least 30 Adventure Rank. You also need to complete Chapter 2: Act 3 and The Entrance to Tokoyo, as well as start The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent.

First, you need to switch Enkanomiya to Evernight State. Then, go to the northwest teleporter Serpent’s Heart. Next to it, you will find in the cliff the cave entrance. Having dealt with several opponents, you must interact with the wall to see the pattern, following which you must go through the Phase Walls.

After that, the ghost who forgot his name will appear—talk to him to start the quest. Nearby, there will be a stone tablet, after reading which you will learn the name of the ghost. Talk to the ghost again and remind him that his name is Spartacus.

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Next, you need to find his “children.” Switch the Whitenight Phase again and travel to the northwest of The Narrows Island. Look around for a platform on which there will be a puzzle with three mechanisms and lamps. Using them, place the fixtures on the same level. Then go into the formed passage and again switch to the Evernight phase. Proceeding further, you will come across an afterimage, to which you must tell the password of the Spartacus.

Now head to Tokoyo Reisen and beat 3 Vishaps to get the Waters of Lethe. Next, you need to climb to the top of the Dragonbone Flower and use the Waters of Lethe there. Wait a day and come back to pick up the Dragonbone Orb. Afterward, you are done—the quest is completed.

In addition to the usual Primogems and XP rewards, you can also sell the Dragonbone Orb to one of three vendors in Inazuma, Liyue, and Mondstadt. You will be able to get 80,000 Mora, as well as 5 dishes depending on the region:

  • Moon pie
  • Bountiful year
  • Sashimi platter

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Genshin Impact Lotus Eater Walkthrough and Guide


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