Genshin Impact’s Serenitea pot travelling salesman, Chubby, is a vendor from which players can buy rare housing items like dogs, cats, wild boar, different landforms and many other things using realm currency. Chubby only visits a players realm from Friday to Monday. Because of Chubby’s less availability, items high realm currency cost and a few other factors, it is a must to know what items he sells.

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Chubby’s the Jade Seeker sells different items in different realms. Meaning, if you visit your friends’ realm, you may find Chubby selling different set of housing items. With that being said, we recommend players to at least know about the list of items he sells. So that you can save your Realm currency for something you want first.

List of all Rare items you can get from Chubby the Teapot Travelling Salesman

Here is the complete list of items that Chubby sells.

1 Azure Crane1001
2 Forest Boar1001
3 Northland Hound1001
4 Forest-Patrol Hound1001
5 Shiba1001
6 Black-Back Hound1001
7 Jade-Eyed Cat1001
8 Northland Cat1001
9 Tiger-Striped Cat1001
10 Sheriff Cat1001
11 Sub-Space Boulder: Craggy Canopy406
12 Sub-Space Boulder: Palace Steps406
13 Sub-Space Boulder: Refined Beauty406
14 Sub-Space Boulder: Rocky Bulwark406
15 Sub-Space Boulder: Slumbering Stratus406
16 Sub-Space Boulder: Verdant Peak406

Genshin Impact is a free to play gacha-based role-playing game currently available on PC, PS4, Android, and iOS.

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