On day 4 of Genshin Impact’s Hilichurls event Mimi Tomo, during the Mutual Exchange event quest, players are required to give an item to the Hilichurl that comes under the category “Gusha Celi Boya”. In this Genshin Impact guide, we will share the translation of Gusha Celi Boya and where to find an item that fits the category.

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What does Gusha Celi Boya mean in Genshin Impact?

If you check the Handy Handbook on Hilichurlian language given to you by Ella Musk, you can find the individual meaning of the Hilichurlian sentence “Gusha Celi Boya”.

  • Gusha means Vegetables, grasses, fruits. Disliked things.
  • Celi Boya means the colour red.

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Keeping the above meanings in mind, Gusha Celi Boya translates to Vegetables, grasses, fruits or some disliked things that are red in color.

Seeing the description of the item, I decided to give a Jueyun Chili to the Hilichurl and it worked.

So, players can give Jueyun Chili to the Hilichurl to progress through Mimi Tomo Sighting 4 event quest. Or, you can give other items like Tomato or Carrot.

Where to find Gusha Celi Boya in Genshin Impact

To find Jueyun Chili that fits the category of Gusha Celi Boya, teleport to the waypoint located in-between ‘g’ and ‘e’ of Qingce Village.

Below the stairs, near the teleport waypoint, you will find around three Jueyun Chili, which is more than enough as you need only one Jueyun Chili for the Hilichurl.

That’s it if you have any queries related to the event or Genshin Impact in general. Ask us in the comments below.

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