The Fertilizer Salesperson is one of the many world quests that was added to Genshin Impact with the version 2.1 update. However, so far, players have not been able to trigger the quest. There is a daily commission called “Inazuman Sales Specialist,” which many players assumed would trigger the Fertilizer Salesperson quest—but even doing that didn’t work.

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In this Genshin Impact quest guide, we will talk about how players can get the Fertilizer Salesperson world quest while shedding light on why players have not been able to trigger this quest. We will also give a brief overview of what you have to do in the Fertilizer Salesperson world quest.

How to Get Fertilizer Salesperson Quest

Players are supposed to get the Genshin Impact’s Fertilizer Salesperson world quest in the second half of the version 2.1 update. Furthermore, to get the quest, players also have to complete In Another Land world quest. In Another Land becomes available once players have completed Chisato’s Letter world quest.

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The Fertilizer Salesperson world quest is related to NPCs Alrani and Iwata. At current, players cannot get the quest. However, with the commencement of the second half of the Genshin Impact 2.1 update, players can visit the Watatsumi island and take on the Fertilizer Salesperson world quest.

Fertilizer Salesperson Quest Guide

Since the Fertilizer Salesperson quest is not yet available, we don’t have the complete guide—but we can provide a brief description of what you will be doing in the quest.

  • Talk to Iwata.
    • She is trying to make fertilizers for planting more crops on Watatsumi Island.
  • Defeat the monsters.
  • Return the next day and appraise the fertilizer situation.
  • Gorou investigates the fertilizer situation on Inwata’s neighbours’ complaints.
    • Gorou was also investigating a suspicious person calling herself Fertilizer Salesperson.
  • Alrani gets arrested, as she is mistaken for the suspicious fertilizer person.
  • She asks help from her old collegue, Kaushik.
  • He talks to General Gorou and explains everything.
  • Alrani is released, and she is requested by Gorou to help Iwata with her Fertilizer research while keepiing an eye out for the suspicious fertilizer salesperson.

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