Kamisato Ayaka is a five-star Cryo user from Inazuma whose weapon of choice is a Sword. She is one of the four confirmed Inazuma playable characters in Genshin Impact, whose character event wish banner is expected to come out in the first half of the Inazuma update. In the wake of that, players must know about the different character ascension materials required to level up and ascend Ayaka.

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In Genshin Impact, ascending a playable character is important as it allows players to unlock ascension talents. It is something that you have to eventually do to upgrade the character’s talents as without ascending a character, you cannot level up their talents. Without leveling up character talents, you will deal no damage nonetheless your abilities will be ineffective against enemies.

Keeping that in mind, we have arranged a table that has all the ascension materials required to ascend Kamisato Ayaka to the max level, which is level 90 at the moment.

Character Ascension Materials for Ayaka

Talent Ascension Materials for Ayaka
Image Credit – Haru

Here are the character ascension materials you need for ascending Ayaka to max level.

Ascension LevelCharacter Ascension MaterialCharacter Ascension Material 2Local Speciality Common MaterialsMora
1Shivada Jade Sliver X 1Sakura Bloom X 3Old Handguard X 320,000
2Shivada Jade Fragment X 3Perpetual Heart X 2Sakura Bloom X 10Old Handguard X 1540,000
3Shivada Jade Fragment X 6Perpetual Heart X 4Sakura Bloom X 20Kageuchi Handguard X 1260,000
4Shivada Jade Chunk X 3Perpetual Heart X 8Sakura Bloom X 30Kageuchi Handguard X 1880,000
5Shivada Jade Chunk X 6Perpetual Heart X 12Sakura Bloom X 45Famed Handguard X 12100,000
6Shivada Jade Gemstone X 6Perpetual Heart X 20Sakura Bloom X 60Famed Handguard X 241,20,000

How to Get Ayaka’s Character Ascension Materials

Here is how you can get Ayaka’s character ascension materials.

  • Shivada Jade Sliver, Fragment, Chunk, and Gemstone
    • Players can obtain the above materials from Normal and Weekly Bosses.
      • Cryo Regisvine
      • Cryo Hypostasis
      • Primo Geovishap
      • Maguu Kenki
      • Alchemy
  • Old, Kageuchi and Famed Handguard
    • All are obtained by defeating a new enemy type called Nobushi in the Inazuma region. [Drop depends on player level]
  • Sakura Bloom
    • Obtained out in the wild in the Inazuma region. The exact location will be added when the Inazuma update comes out.
  • Perpetual Heart
    • Obtained by defeating Perpetual Mechanical Arrays.
  • Mora

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play gacha-based role-playing game currently available on PC, PS4, Android, and iOS.

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