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Genshin Impact Alice: All you need to know about Klee’s mother

Genshin Impact Alice: All you need to know about Klee’s mother
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Genshin Impact offers a plentitude of distinct playable and non-playable characters that the Traveler(Aether or Lumine) encounters throughout his/her journey. The game has been out for only three months and we already have more than twenty-seven playable characters and an ever-growing number of NPCs, the best part is that – being a live service game, the inclusion of new characters are not going to stop.

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Keeping track of each and every NPC in Genshin Impact is a daunting task. Many of the players might not know who Alice is and what she does, what are her powers, is she a playable character or such things. So, to help the players we are here with a short character guide that will tell everything that you must know about Alice.

Who is Alice in Genshin Impact?

Alice is a mischievous yet famous adventurer from the nation of Mondstadt – and mother to the five-star Pyro user Klee.

Despite a free-spirited attitude, Alice is one of the most skilled adventurers in Mondstadt. She is an elder in the organization of mages, Hexenzirkel. Moreover, Alice is a very skilled alchemist, specializes in creating explosives – Now you can related to why Klee is fond of her explosives.

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With her bomb-crafting skills, Alice blew many archways in the Stormterror’s layer to make it look more ancient and easier to climb.

The explosive-doll Dococo is yet another creative creation of Alice – inspired by Amber’s Baron Bunny. She not only crafted Dococo effectively but also taught Klee to make explosive plushies of her own.

Alice is also proficient in magic and medicine, though not that good when it comes to science. As playing Genshin Impact, players will come along with many references to Alice that show her achievements and failures.

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The best way to learn about Alice in Genshin Impact is by reading the Teyvat Travel Guides. Alice herself is the author of the guide book, and it shows how little constraint she shows in her travels.

There is also a point in the game when Jean(Captain of Knights of Favonious and a five-star playable character) says to Klee “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Suggesting how Klee is similar to her mother.

That is all for today – if you have any interesting find about Alice, tell us in the comments below.

Genshin Impact is a free to play gacha-based role-playing game currently available on PC, PS4, Android, and iOS.

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Genshin Impact Alice: All you need to know about Klee’s mother


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