Genshin Impact Midsummer Islands Adventure Part II has given players more ground to cover in the Golden Apple Archipelago area. With new quests, puzzles, and hidden areas to explore, what looked like an underwhelming update is turning out to be one of the best filler updates so far.

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Among the many quests, we have a somewhat hidden quest called “A Trip through Fog and Wind“, that allows players to visit the Northmost Island in Golden Apple Archipelago.

How to get A Trip through Fog and Wind Quest in Genshin Impact

To get this quest players have to read a Journal located inside a cave on Twinning Isle. You might have already visited the area to get an Echoing Conch Shell. If not, use the below image as a refence to get to the hidden cave.

Image Credit – Hritwik Raj

Jump down the cave. Break a stone wall to get to the portion of the cave where you will find the Journal triggering the quest A Trip through Fog and Wind and a Conch Shell.

A Trip through Fog and Wind Quest Walkthrough Guide | Golden Apple Archipelago

In the quest, players get a hint to traverse the thick fog that covers the Northmost part of the Golden Apple Archipelago area.

Go to the player icon location follow the below steps to get past the Mist.

How to get past Mist in Golden Apple Archipelago

Open Paimon’s Menu and set your time to 10:00. You can set it anywhere between 10:00 to 14:00. However, we recommend setting it around 10:00 to 10:30.

Once you have set the correct time, new white wind waves forming a path will appear.

Follow the path created by wind waves to traverse the thick mist and get to the destination isle.

Look Around

Once you reach the destination island, jump off the Waverider. Now you will be asked to look around the small islet. Climb up the big-rock structure forming a small mountain. there you will find a Mural on the Wall.

Observe the Mural using the action key or tapping on the game screen to progress the quest to completion.

In front of the Mural wall, you will also find three Precious Chests. [Thank You miHoYo]

That’s it, after you observed the Mural you will complete the quest A Trip through Fog and Wind. This will trigger another quest called “The other side of Isle and Sea“.

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