Earlier today, we’ve shared some Garfield Go tips and tricks to help you play the amazing Augmented Reality game created by Freeze Tag. Now, we have some even greater treats or you: 10 tips and tricks coming straight from the game’s developers. These are things you can easily miss – but you won’t do so now that we’re here to share them with you.

Garfield GO is a brand new augmented reality treasure hunting game, featuring everyone’s favorite lasagna-loving cat. Apart from the great concept that comes with its Augmented Reality implementation, you can also win real life prizes from playing the game. Plus you win a bit in terms of health from walking around in search for treasures, so you really have no reasons to complain about. Make sure you download the game today on iOS or Android in case you haven’t done so already!

Now, with these in mind, let’s check out below 10 tips and tricks for Garfield GO, coming straight from the game’s developers:

1. Trying to keep food costs down? A little preparation is all you need — bake a food item for each chest you’re planning to unlock (plus a little extra, just in case) on your next outing, and you won’t need to spend a dime!

2. Need more food now? Try winning some free food at a minigame location! The further you get in the rounds, the better the food item you’ll receive. Plus, you’ll also get a nice coin bonus for each round so you can buy even more food!

3. You can pan the map around by dragging it with one finger, and zoom in and out using a pinching motion with 2 fingers — this lets you look for coins in other locations — just tap [Find] and any coins or minigames should load up in a jiffy!

4. If you have any complete trinket sets to trade, they should jump to the top of the list — but make sure to check the other trinket sets before you trade — you may want to save some trinkets for a bigger payoff!

5. You can tap on a badge to see its requirements.

6. If you find that turning your camera on each time to open the chests is draining your battery, you may want to turn AR mode off. Just go into [Main Menu] –> [Settings] –> Uncheck [AR Mode].

7. At the top of each comic collection, you can tap on any of the comic numbers to jump to the first panel of that comic strip.

8. When it’s time to feed Garfield, your highest-value food item is automatically selected. However, you can always tap the [Change Food] button if you want to save it for later!

9. If you notice that you tend to flick the food to one side of the screen in AR Mode, you can move your device so that Garfield and his bowl are on that side — Garfield doesn’t have to be in the center of the screen!

10. When using the hot/cold meter to find Garfield, remember to move your device up and down as well. He might not appear at the height you’re expecting!

This is it! You now have a lot of extra information to get the most out of Garfield Go. But as always, if you manage to find something that we didn’t cover, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.


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