Garfield comes to the real world in Garfield GO! Garfield GO, as you can probably assume from the name, is a augmented reality game. With the help of our Garfield GO cheats and tips, you’ll explore the real world with everyone’s favorite orange cat walking alongside you. Find treasure and coins with Garfield’s help, and exchange them for cool prizes, including real-life prizes like gift cards!

There’s lots of rewards and treasures to find, so we’re going to help you and Garfield with our Garfield GO cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!


Scout out high density areas!

So far we’ve noticed a couple things in treasure locations. Coin spots seem to be in fixed locations and landmarks, much akin to the Pokestops in Pokemon Go. Chests however seem to pop up in different spots every time we look. We recommend to go to your local favorite mall, park, or any kind of high density area and take note of all the coin spawns. You usually have a better chance of finding chests here too.

Stock up on food for long expeditions!

Before you can start adventuring with your pal Garfield, you’ll need to make sure you’re stocked up on food. Every time you find a treasure chest when you’re out an about, you’ll need to feed Garfield before he helps you sniff it out. At first it’ll seem like the food you throw is random, but it actually pulls from your food inventory.

From the My Bag menu, you can go into the Food section and see your stock. You start the game out with Donuts, the most basic food. Feeding Garfield donuts will result in a wooden chest, the standard chest with regular goodies inside. As you can probably guess, the higher quality foods will give Garfield a little more motivation to find you something better. Pizza slices can find you silver chests, cake slices can find you golden chests, and the all mighty lasagna can find you diamond chests.

You can choose to bake any of these goods at any time for the low, low cost of free! You just need to wait for the item to finish cooking. Donuts take 10 minutes, pizza slices take 30 minutes, cake slices take 60 minutes, and lasagna takes 90 minutes. What we like to do is take a day or two to prepare for an adventure by baking a ton of lasagna, then spending the rest of the day looking for chests.

Keep steady when feeding Garfield!

Before you can actually collect your coins, you need to feed Garfield. This is a little tricky as you need to launch your chosen food into his bowl. We’re not entirely sure about this, but the food’s launch distance doesn’t seem to be affected by how hard or fast you swipe. All that seems to matter is the angle you swipe at. To make things easier for yourself, be sure to stay as still as you can to minimize the AR mode shakiness.

Trade in your Trinkets!

Those funny little trinkets you get from chests aren’t useless! In your bag, you can check out which trinkets you own. Turns out that each trinket belongs to a set of three different unique trinkets. If you manage to complete a set, you can trade in the trinkets for a nice amount of coins! Check on your trinkets often to see if you’ve completed a set.

If you want even more, the game’s developers were kind enough to share their top 10 tips with us. Make sure you check them out as well!

If you’ve got any other treasure hunting tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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