Game of Nations: Epic Discord is a tactical strategy game inspired by old mythologies of world history. Players will choose to lead a nation from real-life history into battle, and only the most strategic commanders will come out on top! We’ve got lots of help for you here in our Game of Nations: Epic Discord strategy guide with tips, cheats, and more!

Choosing your Starting Nation

You’ll be prompted to choose one of the nations as your starting nation when you first begin the game. There are many nations to choose from, but don’t think too hard about your decision. All the nations are viable with the right kinds of strategy, so don’t worry about accidentally picking a weaker nation.

If you need some help picking a starting nation, we’ve got another guide for you right here that shows you all the strongest nations at the moment. Keep in mind that all the nations can perform well, so if you’ve already started, don’t feel like you’re going to fall behind. You’ll do just fine with your current nation as long as you have the proper strategies!

Fighting Through the Campaign

Your main objective in Game of Nations: Epic Discord is to get through as much of the campaign as possible. Clearing a campaign stage will increase the amount of rewards you get from your AFK Treasury. You’ll also unlock new game modes and mechanics as well.

Battles play out in real time in Game of Nations. First, you set up your army formation by dragging your troops around. Your formation is important, as you’ll want to strategize and place units that are favorable to their strengths. For example, you’ll want to put the strong melee attackers up in the front while the more fragile ranged attackers can pelt the enemy from a safe distance.

An example formation: ranged units in the back, hero in the center, and melee units in the front.

Winning stages will reward you with gold and Unit Experience, which can be spent to upgrade your units. They’ll also gain experience for simply fighting in battles, so make sure to always bring your favorites. Units can also be equipped with four types of gear to improve their stats.

Early on, all you need to worry about is nailing down a good formation with your units, and you should be able to get past most of the stages with few problems. You’ll eventually need to start manually leveling up your units, especially when you get new ones you want to try out.

Once you reach the second world, start paying attention to the elemental advantages. Each nation is aligned to one of the four elements: fire, earth, air, and water. Earth beats air, air beats water, water beats fire, and fire beats earth. The unit with the advantageous element will deal 25% bonus damage.

This bonus damage is quite significant and can tear apart your army if you’re not careful. You need to bolster your army by recruiting new units and heroes from different nations.

Acquiring New Units

There are a few ways to obtain new units. You earn units as a reward for clearing a whole chapter, you can summon them from the Portal of Summoning in the Outskirts, and you can also obtain them from limited time events. You’ll also earn Soulstones which, when enough are collected, can be used to summon a random unit of that corresponding rarity.

Acquiring new heroes should be your other priority. The more heroes you have, the more strategies you have access to. There’s nothing stopping you from mixing units from different nations together, and in fact it’s kind of encouraged because of the different battle tactics you can utilize.

You should complete all eight daily quests, as doing so will reward you with a Summon Scroll that lets you summon a new unit for free. If you only have one, we recommend holding onto it because one of the daily quests is to summon a new unit, and the Summon Scrolls let you complete it easily.

Level up your Units

As mentioned, you can use Unit Experience to manually level up your units, and give them gear to increase their stats. Gear is helpful, but it’s not as important as levels because when units reach a certain level, they unlock new skills.

Skills provide units with abilities that either help them take down enemies faster or last longer on the battlefield. Skills are especially important for heroes, as they have access to battlefield-changing abilities.

Don’t worry too much about investing Unit Experience into the wrong units, as you can always get more easily from your AFK Treasury. You can also reset units for a small diamond fee to refund all the resources you spent on them. You don’t need to do this too much — only do it if you’re really hurting for resources.

Merge Units

At the Temple of Enlightenment in the City, you can merge together three units of the same kind. This will result in an enhanced version of the unit that has the stat growth of all three copies, making for a much better unit overall.

You should merge units whenever possible, as this will cut down on your unit slots capacity, allowing you more freedom with your unit selection. You gain more permanent unit slots as you level up, but they’re far apart from each other, so you’ll need to choose your units wisely.

Join an Alliance and Make some Friends

Alliances are guilds full of like-minded players who want to work together. You should create one as soon as you can, or you can join one, which is the preferred method. When you join an Alliance, you can partake in the Alliance Hunt, where you fight a massive beast over the course of several battles. This is required for one of your daily quests!

You should add players to your friends list. Every day, you can send heart coins called Friendship Gifts, and these can be spent to summon new units. The more friends you have, the more Friendship Gifts you can send out and receive.

Fight in the Arena

The Arena is where you can go up against other players’ formations and see how you compare to them. Even if you’re not interested in PvP, we highly recommend fighting in the Arena, as it’s needed for some daily/weekly quests. There’s no harm in trying it, so why not?

Even better is that sometimes you’ll earn treasure chests for winning (and sometimes losing) in the Arena. These chests can contain a random assortment of goodies, including resources, gear, and more. You’ll need all the help you can get to bolster your army.

That’s all for Game of Nations: Epic Discord. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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