Game Dev Tycoon Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More

Game Dev Tycoon Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More

This exciting game development simulator is characterized by increasing complexity, and there are also many random factors. Let’s look at how to create a perfect 10 out of 10 game in Game Dev Tycoon, characterized by impressive sales and media coverage.

How to Create the Perfect Game in Game Dev Tycoon – Guide And Tips

Presumably, a quality product will score around 9.5+. To get a ten, you have to repeat the process many times, with sufficient resources at hand. It is impossible to directly influence the rating given by your actions, as confirmed by the gaming community. Factors related to Design and Technology are taken into account, to which the appropriate modifier is added.

Try to explore new areas, train staff, and hire new qualified personnel. In this case, modifiers that affect the final quality will be used by game algorithms.

A high-quality project requires continuous tracking of bugs, otherwise, the result will not be achieved. You don’t have to make perfect video games, just consistently improve them. And don’t forget to release special patches to fix bugs, add new content, and fix bugs previously identified by the press or gamers.

Each development is divided into three stages. Set the sliders depending on the genre. For example, in the case of an action game, you need to put the emphasis on the Engine and Gameplay, so give them the highest priority. Meanwhile, History and Quests are not needed here.

How Hiring Works

When you want to hire an employee, you are asked how much budget you want to spend and are offered three options to choose from candidates. The top option is for Technologists, the bottom one is for Designers, and the middle option is for balanced.

Spending more budget has the following effects:

  • More candidates appear.
  • Their Design/Technology stats are higher on average.
  • Their wages (and level) are on average higher.
  • Finding employees takes less time.
  • Control points (sums) for the number of candidates: 20K(2), 80K(3), 440K(4), 1110K(5).

By default, two people appear, if you set the budget to 80K or higher, then 3 people, etc. Since the values ​​are rounded up to 100K, in order to pass the 5-person milestone, you need to set a budget of 1.2M. Of course, you can set the slider closer to 1.2M than 1.1M, hoping you’ve spent enough.

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Understand now how to create the perfect game in Game Dev Tycoon? Do not be afraid to experiment, because such experiments will be successful closer to the end of your career. Also, share your own recipe for success in the comments below this guide.

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Game Dev Tycoon Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More


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