Full Minecraft Chemistry Recipe List for Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Education Edition is one of the three editions available for Minecraft. As apparent from its title, Education Edition brings schooling and learning to the game. A massive young audience plays Minecraft. Through Education Edition, kids can learn about many different subjects, including chemistry. This guide lets players learn about the complete Minecraft Chemistry Recipe List for Education Edition.

Recipe for All Chemistry Items in Minecraft Education Edition

Elemental constructor, material reducer, compound creator, and lab table can only be obtained via the give command in Minecraft Education Edition. After getting them, players can begin to obtain elements, compounds and make chemistry items.

1) Heat block

Heat block is used to melt snow and ice blocks without emitting light. To make a heat block, players will have to add Iron, Water, Charcoal, and Salt to a lab table.

2) Underwater TNT

Underwater TNT is just like regular TNTs, but it can also explode when activated underwater. To make an underwater TNT, players will first need to craft regular TNT. Add sodium to a regular TNT to make underwater TNT.

3) Underwater Torch

Underwater torch is crafted by adding magnesium to the torch in the crafting area. This torch emits light even placed underwater in Minecraft.

4)Colored Torch

Players can make four types of colored torches: blue, red, purple, and green. Depending on the color you want, add any one of the following compound to a normal torch:

  • Cerium Chloride: Blue
  • Mercuric Chloride: Red
  • Potassium Chloride: Purple
  • Tungsten Chloride: Green

5) Hardened Glass and Hardened Glass Pane

Players will need three Aluminum Oxide, three Boron Trioxide, and three glass blocks or glass panes to make hardened glass or glass pane. In a crafting table, place three Aluminum Oxide on the top row, three Boron Trioxide on the bottom row, and three glass or glass pane in the middle row to make the hardened variant.

6) Bleach

Bleach is crafted by combining three water and three Sodium Hypochlorite on a lab table. It is an alternative to white dye.

7) Ice Bomb

Ice Bomb is prepared by combining 4 Sodium Acetate in a lab table. The result can freeze water in Minecraft.

8) Super Fertilizer

Super Fertilizer is crafted by combining Ammonia and Phosphorus on a lab table. It is an improved variant of bone meal.

9) Medicines

Players can make medicines for specific side effects by adding chemicals to a regular water bottle in a brewing stand:

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  • Adding Silver creates antidote, which removes the poison
  • Adding Cobalt creates elixir, which removes weakness
  • Adding Calcium creates eye drop, which removes blindness
  • Adding Bismuth creates Tonic, which removes nausea


Players can make a sparker by placing one chloride salt and one magnesium and stick on a crafting table. The following colors are imparted depending on the chloride salt used:

  • Calcium Chloride: Orange
  • Cerium Chloride: Blue
  • Mercuric Chloride: Red
  • Potassium Chloride: Purple
  • Tungsten Chloride: Green

10) Glow Stick

Glow stick is crafted using surrounding a dye with seven Polyethylene and one Hydrogen Peroxide in a crafting table.]

11) Balloon

A balloon is crafted using six Latex, one Helium, one dye, and a lead. The balloon’s color is depended on the dye used to make it.

This wraps up our guide to Minecraft Chemistry Recipe List for Education Edition. Any missing item on the list can be obtained via creative mode or commands. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments!

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Full Minecraft Chemistry Recipe List for Education Edition


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