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With Free Fire Season 31 coming close to an end, the players are eager about the upcoming Free Fire Season 32 Elite Pass. Like other seasons, the upcoming one will include various new weapon skins, outfits, characters, and emotes to provide a much better gaming experience.

In addition to this, the next Free Fire season will feature two different variants of Elite Pass, obviously at different prices and perks. Before the beginning of Free Fire Season 32, several game data miners have revealed the upcoming Elite Pass rewards.

While Garena is yet to announce the official details of Free Fire Season 32 Elite Pass, here are the upcoming season’s confirmed reward leaks.

Free Fire Season 32 Elite Pass rewards

The following rewards can be unlocked by obtaining respective Badges whenever the Season 32 Elite Pass arrives in Free Fire.

Bike Skin – 1 Badge

Bat Skin – 10 Badges

Female Character Outfit – 15 Badges

Male Character Outfit – 40 Badges

Thompson SMG skin – 80 Badges

Grenade skin – 125 Badges

10x Cube Fragments – 170 Badges

Exclusive Outfit set – 250 Badges

For those who don’t know, players can earn Badges by completing daily and weekly missions listed in the challenge tab. However, they can also purchase it from the in-game store.

As mentioned earlier, Free Fire Season 32 Elite Pass will be featured in two different variants. Its basic version will cost 499 diamonds, while the upgraded version, i.e. Elite Bundle, can be purchased for 999 diamonds. Like always, players will get a chance to subscribe between these two.

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