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Fortnite: How to Damage Opponents While Airborne

Fortnite: How to Damage Opponents While Airborne
Image by Touch Tap Play via Fortnite/Epic Games

Attack on Titan has come to Fortnite at last and with the long-awaited collaboration comes some exciting quests. Complete each of the themed bonus goals to gain some Attack on Titan cosmetics. One of the trickier quests is to deal damage while airborne and if you are having trouble completing this one we can help!

Scroll on to find out how to damage opponents while airborne in Fortnite.

How to Complete the ‘Deal Damage While Airborne’ Quest in Fortnite

To get this quest done easily you should start by looking for a Scout Regiment Footlocker. These contain the gear you need to deal damage while airborne quickly and easily, although there are other ways to achieve it. Jumping from a zipline or rail and shooting at the opponent is possible, but requires a lot more precision aiming.

Image by Touch Tap Play via Fortnite/Epic Games

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In the Scout Regiment Footlockers are Thunder Spears and ODM Gear– the perfect items to complete this quest. When using these weapons you jump or hover in the air while firing at the enemy, causing damage.

To complete the quest, grab the mythic Attack on Titan weapons and head to an opponent. Grapple towards an opponent, aim, and when they are targeted, fire! You can achieve this with just the Thunder Spear by jumping and firing off explosives towards the enemy. The damage is dealt while you are still in the air so it will count toward the quest!

Image by Touch Tap Play via Fortnite/Epic Games

Luckily, if you are using the Thunder Spears to complete this quest and you end up exploding structures around the enemy it will count towards another quest in the Attack on Titan Bonus Goals!

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Fortnite: How to Damage Opponents While Airborne


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