Fire Emblem Engage vs. Three Houses – Biggest Differences Explained

Fire Emblem Engage vs. Three Houses
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When released in 2019, Fire Emblem: Three Houses became one of the most successful and beloved games in the series. Still, Fire Emblem Engage, the newest addition to the Fire Emblem universe, takes a different path and switches a lot of in-game aspects up.

We’re here to present the biggest differences between Fire Emblem Engage and Three Houses, so let’s dive in and see what surprises are in store for you once you get your hands on the newest game.

Fire Emblem Engage vs. Three Houses—Visual Differences and Performance

We’re starting with the most obvious element, and we’re happy to say that Fire Emblem Engage looks better than what Three Houses brought to the table. While some visual aspects can be a matter of taste (for example, the more contrasting color palette used by the new artist in Fire Emblem Engage works better in our opinion), the new game brings considerable improvements in more objective segments as well—environmental textures, for instance.

Noisy, pixelated visuals of Three Houses are a thing of the past. While this issue is not completely eradicated, Engage handles these issues much better so the players have a much cleaner experience.

Also, while the target frame rate remains 30 fps, Engage manages to keep it much steadier, with occasional hiccups—for example, slightly choppy transitions between the overview mode/map and battle scenes.

Fire Emblem Engage vs. Three Houses—Game Pace Differences

Compared to Three Houses, Engage is more linear and much more fast-paced. The story progresses fast, and it may sometimes feel like you’re jumping from one battle or location to another without catching a breath properly.

This accelerated pace also shows in the treatment of your new home base. In Fire Emblem Engage, you are based in beautiful floating Somniel, but this location won’t distract you as much as the Academy in Three Houses. Somniel does offer some socializing activities, but there are no lessons or quests to complete here. However, you can exercise, train in the arena, check on your pets, share meals with your team members, and change the appearance of your hero and units.

Battles are faster too because of several improved mechanisms and the fact that the game interface is much more user-friendly and convenient compared to Three Houses.

Fire Emblem Engage vs. Three Houses—Gameplay Differences

Fire Emblem Engage brings several bigger and smaller changes to the system established in Three Houses. In that regard, Engage feels more like an entry from a pre-Three Houses era than a continuation of the mechanics that were the emphasis of the 2019 game.

One of the biggest changes in Fire Emblem Engage is that you can now explore the battlefield once you clear it. This innovation is great because it feels more interactive and immersive and allows you to collect missed items and even find and adopt adorable pets as you go.

The weapon triangle is back, which will probably make many players quite happy. We’re returning to the classic rock-paper-scissors mechanic. In this case, it’s sword beats axe, axe beats lance, and lance beats sword. Another change that we appreciate is that you can now control your units directly instead of drawing a path for them first.

Another big change is the focus on collecting and utilizing Emblem Rings. When equipped, these rings will help you summon Fire Emblem heroes that will fight for you but also grant special skills, weapons, and some stat buffs. The benefits Emblem Rings provide can be improved some more by working on your bond with the Emblem Ring hero by using them in battles or chatting with them at the home base. In addition to Emblem Rings, you can also use Bond Rings, which work similarly but are somewhat weaker when it comes to the benefits they bring.

This list of the biggest differences between Fire Emblem Engage and Three Houses should give you a clearer picture of what to expect from Engage. In case you have more questions about the newest Fire Emblem game, make sure to check out our related articles. TouchTapPlay explains who the main Fire Emblem Engage antagonist is, how many characters the game has, what the Divine Edition includes, and more!

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Fire Emblem Engage vs. Three Houses – Biggest Differences Explained


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