During Genshin Impact’s Golden Apple Archipelago introductory quest, “Mysterious Islands: Journey to Unknown”, players are asked to find and light up all the devices to remove the thick fog surrounding the Isles.

Finding and lighting up all devices in Genshin Impact’s limited time area Golden Apple Archipelago is a very easy task. Granted, you know what you are looking for.

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In this guide, we will share the location of all three devices that you have to light up whilst talking about how you can light them.

Where to find all devices in Genshin Impact’s Mysterious Islands quest

Genshin Impact Light Up all devices

First of all, you should know that the devices the quest is talking about are nothing but portable teleport waypoints scattered on three isles, excluding Pudding Isle.

  • Twinning Isle
  • Broken Isle
  • Minacious Isle

You can activate the teleport waypoints, aka devices in any order. The game suggests you to use beacons to navigate to the isles. So that you don’t get lost in thick fog. However, that is just a gimmick from miHoYo’s end.

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You can simply open the game map. Select the teleport waypoint you want to light first and begin navigation.

We recommend players to light up the devices in the following order.

Minacious Isle —> Broken Isle —> Twinning Isle

As this is the most efficient route you can take to complete this section of Mysterious Islands quest in less time.

How to light up all devices in Genshin Impact’s Mysterious Islands quest

To light up the device, approach them and use your interact keys. PC players can use the ‘F’ key, PlayStation players can use the “Square” key. Meanwhile, mobile players can just tap on the pop up “Teleport Waypoint”.

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