Fig Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom are an epic Support class Cookies. You will not see them in the main story. If you look at these warriors attentively, you will notice that they are a cervitaur (the body of this Cookie is a deer one). The epic Cookies like Fig Cookie are worth the investments, so spend the Toppings and the Skill Powder for them. Let’s delve into the details of getting and playing Fig Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

​How to Get and Play Fig Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

You may choose either of the ways described below to get these characters.

You may either refer to the Special Cookie Gacha and pull up the needed epic Cookies. Still, this process requires you to wait for some time because sometimes you will need to make multiple attempts to succeed (the possibility of getting the epic Cookies out from Gacha is 19.278%).

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If you are impatient enough and want to get the Cookies right here, we have the solution for you. Have you heard about the unique currency called Soulstones? Use them for ranking up your Cookies. And you will always be able to bake the required characters if you do not have the warriors the Soulstone is related to.

​How to Play Fig Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Fig Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom is a Cookie of a Support class, and it would be great if you locate them in the middle. The peculiarity of these warriors is their Jelly Horn as its loud vibrations call a flock of mean Fig Birds that hit the rivals. It leads to the lowered ATK as everyone is shocked by this unexpected appearance. 5x Sweet Candy is for sure the best Topping for the Fig Cookie.

So, now you are all set and know how to get and play Fig Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Hope we were useful!

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