FFXIV: How to do the Umbrella Dance

characters dancing in final fantasy 14

When it comes to games, it’s fun to collect unique accessories, but have you ever wondered if you could do more with them? After all, you probably worked hard to get it and deserve to show it off in a fun way. Final Fantasy 14 allows you to do that in its most recent update. The MMORPG game released an emote that enables players to utilize accessories in a way that goes beyond the parameters of just aesthetics. This is how to do the umbrella dance in FFXIV.

Where To Buy A Parasol In FFXIV

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First, you need to have purchased a parasol in the game. You can get these from all over the game in different places in different ways. There are some you can buy from the Skybuilders Scrip and others you can get through NPC sellers such as the Pixie Hoarder and Ys Gyuf. Tokohana sells one as well.

You can also get one by completing tasks like winning a select number of tournament matches or on subaquatic voyages. There are tons of different designs and colors to choose from, everyone can find one they like. Most of them should also be available to purchase on the Market Board if there’s a specific one you would really like.

How To Use The Parasol To Dance

A character with a polka dot umbrella in Final Fantasy 14.

Once you’ve got your parasol, you have the key to performing the emote. Now you can dance just like Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain as you twirl around your umbrella or do your own number to Its Raining Men. It’s a very fun function, so definitely try it out. Make sure to test it out where too many people aren’t crowding so you don’t accidentally hit someone and intentionally anger another player. Feel free to punt some lalas though, as many seem to be doing that.

If you haven’t checked out Final Fantasy 14 yet, now is the time to do so! You can download it on PC, PlayStation, and OS X today.

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FFXIV: How to do the Umbrella Dance


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