FFBE Tier List: Best Characters in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


Final Fantasy is one of the most popular JRPG series. Even though all games in the series are not related in any way by plot or characters, they are easy to distinguish from other games of this genre. And Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is no exception. This is one of the few games in the series available for mobile devices. And in this guide, we will tell you about the best characters in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Best Characters in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

At the beginning of the game, only two characters will be available to players. But as you explore the world of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, you can unlock many more. All of them are unique and have special abilities. And the difference between them is shown during fights.

The combat system in the game is typical for the series. During your turn, you can choose which action one of your characters will take. And to make it easier for you to decide which characters to use and upgrade, we have created a Tier List of the best characters.

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List

SLunafreya, Lucas, Nichol of the Epsilon Star, White Knight Noel, Angel of Death Kuja, Rena, Lightning (FF XIII-2), Paladin Cecil, Alphonse Elric, Rikku (FF X-2), Healing Avatar Lid, Awakened Warrior of Light, Hallowed Aegis Charlotte, Warrior of Dawn Galuf, Seeker of Freedom Vaan, Sacred Shield Charlotte, Warrior of Light Lenna
AAerith, Wildcard Ace, Emperor Foo, Maritime Strategist Nichol, Noel, Dancing Heart Penelo, Kitone, Chow, I. Katty, Sylvando, Regis, Sieghard & Ignacio, Adventurer Locke, Zenaida, Flame of Rebirth Jake, Sterne Leonis, Daughter of Destiny Vanille, Summer Fina & Lid, Yuraisha, Umbral Dragon Dark Fina, Garland (FF IX), Ignis, Benevolent Beauty Rem, 2B, Rico Rodriguez, Sieghard, Sweet Luka, Doctor Aiden, Olberic, Qin, Elephim, War Hero Raegen, Sakura & Ayaka, Sylvie, Kryla, Folka, Myra
BGilgamesh (WOTV), Kimono Fina, Strange Gourmand Quina, Xuan Wu & Qing Long, Untamed Wolf Edel, Infernal Fire Rain, Serena, Supreme Deva Akstar, Mystical Ice Laswell, Beryl, Serah, Lilith, Quistis, Mystina, Awakened Rain, Yuna, Machina, Sol, Adam Jensen, Wilhelm, Mont Leonis, Selphie, Dark Spirit Sol, Loren, Zeno of the Beta Star, Seaside Nichol, Lilisette, Rakish Thief Zidane, Kimahri, Auron, Lezard Valeth, Mercenary Ramza, Edward Elric, Tifa (FF VII: AC), King Bradley
CTifa, Neverending Hope, Elena, White Mage Rosa, Blue Mage Fina, Rivera, Four Winds Physalis, Seifer, Beowulf, Crimson, Elly, Knight of Pluto Zidane, Aurora Fryevia, Blue Sky Belle Fran, Nagi, Irvine, Assassin Shadow, Basch, Demon Rain, Lone Lion Squall, Madam Edel, Agent Olive, Cloud (FF VII: AC), Reberta, Wizardess Shantotto, Primrose, White Lily Dark Fina, Erik, Bart, Ayaka, Black Mage Vivi, Star Player Tidus
DYun, Esther, Rab, Fina & Dark Fina, Lovely Katy, Palom & Porom, Dragon Knight Freya, Graceful Champion Fang, Levinson, Kadaj, Awakened Onion Knight, Beatrix, King Edgar of Figaro, Ardyn, Prompto, Rem, Yego, Morgana, Zargabaath, Yunalesca, Jasper Unbound, Flammie, Eiko, Gladiolus, Yuna (FF X-2)
EPhysalis, Operative Zyrus, Hess King Lasswell, Jecht, Kurasame, Sweet Nichol, Radiant Lightning, Warrior of Light Bartz

The strongest characters are in S Tier. It would be more correct to say that they are too powerful for the game because they can easily destroy any enemies. In Tiers A and B, you will also find strong characters. And with the right synergy, they can become as powerful as S Tier.

For characters from C Tier, you will need to carefully consider builds, otherwise, you will not be able to defeat enemies. And in the last two Tiers, there are the weakest characters, on whom it is better not to waste time and resources. And while you are here, take a look at our Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide.

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FFBE Tier List: Best Characters in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


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