Feed Me Oil 2 Review (iOS)


Feed Me Oil 2 is yet another water based puzzle game to get released on iOS devices. As there are so many different games based on such mechanics, it really takes some interesting ideas and features to stand out from the rest of the competition. Luckily, Feed Me Oil 2 features just enough nice ideas to make it not only stand out from other similar games but also make it one of the best puzzle games available on iPhone and iPad.

Just as the game’s name implies, you will not be dealing with water but with oil. Really small difference in the game’s world, as the gameplay experience is not influenced by the difference between the two. Taking note from The Incredible Machine, Feed Me Oil 2 will require gamers to set up a variety of gadgets in order to fill the goal area with oil. The game is pretty unforgiving regarding the placement of the gadgets, as one misplaced gadget is enough to make you fail.

Thankfully the whole experience has been masterfully crafted so to avoid creating frustration for the players. For starters it’s incredibly easy to move, place and rotate the gadgets on the playfield. The controls are incredibly responsive and you will never have any problem placing any piece correctly.

If anything goes wrong and the oil won’t be filling the goal area, you will be able to try again incredibly quickly by just tapping on the screen. No failure screen, no waiting time, nothing at all. It’s an incredibly nice design choice that removes the tedium that comes from failing multiple times.

Not that you will fail that often, to be honest. The game is not difficult at all and a basic understanding of the mechanics will make you go a long way. The 60 stages included in the game are all quite fun to complete but if you’re looking for a challenge experience, you will probably have to look elsewhere. A three stars rating system will rank your performance, giving some incentives in mastering each of the available stages.

Feed Me Oil 2’s graphics are also very good. Unlike the first game that featured a cartoonish look, the new game features some HD graphics that look really good and detailed. The whole game has also a strong personality, something that can hardly be found in many other puzzle games. Each of the game’s levels has a specific creature like mechanical fishes and others, giving each stage a very distinctive feel.

The game comes with some in-app purchases, which will allow gamers to purchase hints and solutions for the stages. Luckily, they’re not required at all to complete the game, as there are no power ups or other contents locked behind a paywall. As one who hates in-app purchases, this has made me quite happy.

Feed Me Oil 2 is a puzzle game that offers a relaxing experience. The puzzles are clever most of the times but never truly challenging. This fact alone makes it a game suited for puzzle games newbies as well as gamers looking for a game that’s easy to pick up and play.

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Feed Me Oil 2 Review (iOS)


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