Davinci in fate grand order
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Fate Grand Order Ruler Davinci Build Guide

This how to use Ruler Davinci in Fate Grand Order.

The new summer event in Fate Grand Order is just around the corner and you’re not going to want to miss this one. Chaldea Summer Adventure stars none other than Davinci, who you might be familiar with, as they are a common NPC throughout the story. Depending on what part you’re in, they are either a grown-up Caster or a child form Rider, having changed to the latter in the next half of the plot. Surprise surprise!

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We’ll let you learn the lore of that on your own.

Do be warned though this chapter takes place after that event, so you may learn information you didn’t want to. Either way, this Davinci is a Ruler and a pretty good one at that. This is your ultimate Ruler Davinci build guide.

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Rulers are a unique and rare class, so even if you don’t do a lot of events, this one is worth it because of that. She’s also a Single Target attacker, making her useful for a lot of bosses since a Ruler’s only true weakness is against Avengers. Besides that, Ruler Davinci has skills that will help your other party members.

How To Use Davinci’s Skills In Fate Grand Order

Davinci in fate grand order
Credit to Type Moon

Davinci’s skills aren’t all that niche, which allows her to fit into pretty much any team composition. Her noble phantasm is interesting, as it has a mechanic that grants a buff at random. This may make it unreliable if your enemy has a specific quirk, but for general farming purposes, it works well. Her first skill has a 3-turn buff that boosts Busters, Arts, and Quick-based damage while her second one bumps up another party member’s Noble Phantasm use. Davinci’s last skill knocks down the opposing party’s percentage chance for critical damage. It also temporarily boosts the party’s Noble Phantasm powers and triggers an overcharge. Your best bet is to level her first skill first since it’s the most reliable one.

How To Use Davinci’s Noble Phantasm In Fate Grand Order

The reason Davinci works so well as a boss killer is because it’s Buster-based, which typically does the most damage when it comes to attack card elements. You can put her with a Caster that raises Buster if you want but she doesn’t really need it thanks to her skills.

You can meet Ruler Davinci when Chaldea Summer Adventure drops on August 29th.

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Fate Grand Order Ruler Davinci Build Guide