oberon from fate grand order
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Fate Grand Order Oberon Build Guide

This is how to use Oberon in Fate Grand Order.

There’s a new servant on the block in Fate Grand Order and this time it’s none other than Oberon, the famed king of the fairies. If you want to know the first things about the FGO Oberon build, we have it covered in this guide. That, and much more.

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Before we start though, let’s talk a little bit about Oberon. The unique thing about him is that he belongs to a completely different class, the Pretender class. A lot of the content around Oberon is tied to what happens in the latest chapter of the game, so we won’t go into too much detail about that. The only thing you really need to know is that he is an incredible unit, with skills that are game-changing. This is your ultimate Fate Grand Order Oberon build guide.

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How To Use The Pretender Class In Fate Grand Order

Pretenders do the highest damage against Beasts, Berserkers, and Alter Egos. They also do significant damage against Sabers, Lancers, and Archers. Their biggest weakness is Foreigners, but for the most part, they can do some damage against all classes. All pretenders come with a high star generation rate and absorption, so they’re fit for doing critical damage. Because of this, Oberon is perfect to use in mixed enemy nodes among other things. Foreigners are a pretty rare class, so there won’t be many times when you can’t use him.

Oberon’s Noble Phantasm In Fate Grand Order

oberon from fate grand order
Credit to Type Moon

The fairy king’s special attack is an AOE move that deals buster damage, removes their power buffs, puts them in a sleep status, and makes them invincible for one turn. He hits very hard and can quickly eliminate waves of enemies, but because of the AOE, keep in mind he isn’t great as a boss killer.

How To Use Oberon’s Skills In Fate Grand Order

Oberon is good at both doing damage and supporting other units with his skills. In his first one. he boosts special attack power and battery for all of his allies. His second skill can boost special attack battery for one ally and offers critical stars at the cost of a delayed debuff and a reduced battery. Oberon’s best skill is his third, which can raise buster power and boost their special attack. However, they will get an Eternal Sleep status after and won’t be able to be used, so activate this skill wisely.

Overall, Oberon is excellent for farming, clearing story nodes, and more. For other guides on the fairies of Avalon in Fate Grand Order, follow over coverage at Touch Tap Play!

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Fate Grand Order Oberon Build Guide