caster shuten in fate grand order

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If you were able to participate in the recent Oniland event in the gacha game Fate Grand Order, there’s a good chance you were able to get its reward character, the caster class version of Shuten Doji. Most players probably know about the assassin class Shuten, the demon who enjoys a drink and tormenting her underling Ibaraki. Personality-wise, her caster version is the same trickster we all know and love. However, her skills and power are quite different than her assassin counterpart. Here is everything to know about using caster Shuten in the game.

How To Battle With Shuten

As a single target special attacker, Shuten is a pretty rare gem of her class. With a majority of her attack cards being buster, she comes with the potential to be a boss killer given the right supports. Some good suggestions would be:

Florence Nightingale – She gives a buster boost to one ally.

Chen Gong – He increases buster performance for one turn.

Merlin – He increases attack and buster performance.

Caster Gilgamesh – He increases attack and arts effectiveness.

Assassin Osakabehime – She increases buster with her special attack.

Penthesilea – She increases buster for all allies.

Nightingale is especially a good choice because as a caster, Shuten is prone to being easily damaged and Nightingale’s healing skills and support based special attack will help keep her alive. Any character you have in your roster that can boost attack will work perfectly.

Shuten launching her attack in Fate Grand Order

How To Manage Shuten’s Skills

Shuten’s first is Heartbreak A+, where she seals the target’s special attack and reduces their critical rate. Don’t activate it at the beginning of a battle, save it for when an enemy is about to unleash their special attack on you or when you suspect they may charge it early. This is the skill that should be the least priority to level since it tends to only be needed once.

Her second skill is Break Rod B, which increases art card power, buster card power, and the critical star gather rate for herself. This one helps her hit hard past her specialty. Caster Shuten is meant to do damage specifically against demonic enemies but this skill extends that niche. Since it’s a more self-centered one, it should be the second priority to level.

Shuten’s third skill, Demonic Nature of Oni, increases attack for all party members and increases Shutens special against enemies with the demonic trait. Skills like these where you want to be able to continuously spam them to level the whole party should always be the first ones max leveled. This is because the more you level a skill, the lower the cooldown for it will be, allowing it to be used more often.

Shuten’s Passive Skills

Territory Creation B – Increases own arts performance by 8 percent

Item Construction B – Increases own debuff success rate by 8 percent

Divinity C – Increases own damage by 150

Craft Essences To Use With Caster Shuten

Iron-Willed Training – Increases defense by 15 percent and increases to 20 percent when the card is maxed.

Imaginary Element – Starts your special attack charged at 60 percent, 75 when the cards power is maxed out

La Folia – Increases buster card effectiveness by 10 percent and HP recovery by 10 percent for the wielder. The buster card effectiveness goes up to 15 percent and HP 20 percent when the card is maxed out.

Kaleidoscope Starts your special attack charged at 80 percent, 100 percent when the cards power is maxed out

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