Fastest Way to Upgrade Heroes in Kingdom Rush TD


Heroes are powerful single units that can, if used properly, change the outcome of a whole battle in Kingdom Rush TD. There are a variety of heroes, and they get stronger the more they fight in a battle. Here is the fastest way to upgrade heroes in Kingdom Rush TD!

Fastest Way to Upgrade Heroes

Heroes in Kingdom Rush TD start every stage at level 1. They’ll gain experience for defeating enemies and using their abilities, which will happen naturally as you command them into battle.

Each hero has their own unique set of abilities and traits. During a level, you can tap on a hero to see their health, attack damage, armor rating, and respawn time. Your hero’s stats will increase as they level up, so making sure they get enough experience is crucial to winning the later levels.

To ensure your heroes get lots of experience, you’ll want to manually control them often. Regardless of whether your hero is a melee or ranged attacker, you always want them near the action. A hero hanging in the back lines not fighting won’t earn any experience, and you won’t be able to upgrade them.

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The amount of experience earned by a hero is displayed in the bar underneath their health bar. Keep them constantly fighting to earn as much experience as possible, upgrading their stats and abilities. Don’t worry if your heroes fall in battle, as they’ll respawn after a moment.

To reiterate, the fastest way to upgrade your heroes is to have them be constantly fighting enemies. The more they fight, the more they’ll use their abilities, which also grants them experience. At certain levels, heroes will unlock new abilities, which in turn grants them even more experience.

It’s also worth mentioning that certain heroes are affected by the various upgrades you can purchase for your towers. For example, the final upgrade in the Barracks line is Spiked Armor, and this affects Sir Gerald Lightseeker. Switch your upgrades around if you plan on using a specific hero, and make sure that you’re getting as many stars as you can on each stage.

That concludes our guide on hero upgrading in Kingdom Rush TD. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Fastest Way to Upgrade Heroes in Kingdom Rush TD


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