Zynga’s iOS game FarmVille 2 Country Escape is proving to be extremely popular amongst gamers, but it’s still not a flawless title. Many gamers are starting to get a strange error message in the game, and you can see it below:

Your truck has broken down and your goods are recovered to your barn.”


Apparently, some of the people who receive this error message used the time lapse cheat (listed in our FarmVille 2 Country Escape tips & tricks article), but right now there doesn’t seem to be a connection. There are many other gamers who use the time lapse cheat without getting the message that their truck broke down and it’s not clear right now if those who get the message tried to cheat the game. So this might still be a bug of the game, unrelated to cheating.

So the question “how to fix the truck broke down error” in FarmVille 2 Country Escape is difficult to answer and probably Zynga is the only one who has the answer (or working on a fix). Until then, if you are having the issue, it’s worth knowing if you did use the time lapse cheat before getting this error. If none of the people who didn’t use the time lapse cheat got the truck broke down message, it might mean that it’s just a punishment for cheating. We highly doubt this, but it might be the case.

So until we have further details on this and how to fix it (or how long does it last), tell us if you used the cheat or before getting this error in the game!

UPDATE: Based on the comments we have received, it’s pretty obvious that this problem is NOT caused by the time lapse cheat and it’s just a bug in the game that bothers a lot of people. Zynga are well aware of it and I am sure they’re working hard to fix it – and surely a fix will be coming soon to the game!



    • I got this error since the day before yesterday and I never ever used any cheats!!!! I uninstall and re-install the game but still has same error! I report to zynga but they never reply me.

  1. Heey i never used the cheat but i travelt from 1 contry to the onther one with a 6 hour time differints so my time shifted because my time is on auto and al my products when over from making to finsht and then de troubles started and just before that i can buy 10 times 1 product but it did not say sold in the market so a bit strange if you tell me :s greatz vincent

  2. I also started getting this error the afternoon of May. 5th and I have never used the time cheat or even adjusted the time since Ijnstalled the game. The error is probably not related.

  3. I think its related because my i try’d it (“THE time cheat”)with the game of my wife and you now what see cant sell anythink any more so no i have 2 problems ;a 2games that do not work good any more and a angry wife and serieus the wife problem is bigger so hope that they find a fix for it!!!!!

  4. I’ve only played the game for a few days.
    I have never used any cheat.
    I’ve had the error since the evening of May 4th.

    Husband has never used any cheat and had the error since the night of May 4th.

    A friend has had the error since the evening of May 3rd.

  5. Thanks for sharing your messages with us, guys! So it appears that it has nothing to do with the time lapse cheat and it’s in Zynga’s yard right now, I am sure they’re working on a fix!

  6. i got this error message without using the time lapse cheat. i didn’t even know there was such a thing as a time lapse cheat.

  7. I used to be able to delete goods from the barn but now I can’t and don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I tap on what I want to delete and it is highlighted in a yellow lined box with the only message like x1 and tapping that get’s me nowhere. How do I delete goods from the Barn? With the Broken Truck in play without the ability to remove goods from the Barn the game is no longer playable. Help.

  8. I got this problem today. I have never cheated and I don´t even know how to cheat, but it really gets on my nerves (this bug) and I´m considering to leave the game. It´s a waste of time, though it´s fun to play when it works ;)

  9. I got this message yesterday the 5th of May very annoying cannot sell any thing thinking it’s a error when on a certain level

  10. Am on level 23 and I have never used the cheat. Have had this error message for a couple of days now. Come on Zynga sort this out!!!

  11. Since 6 may, i have this prolem also. I have never used cheat, i dont even know what is that kind of cheat. ”Your truk is broken” all day i have this msg. Its already frustrating. Cant play this game if is always like that, i cant play since the shop not working anymore and the barn is always full. Pls fix it or at least say that u dont know which is the problem instead call others ” cheaters”. Have a nice day and pls give us a trully answer !!!
    Regards !!!

  12. Mine started about 48 hours ago now and never cheatedir tried to on this game as I never bother trying rolling clocks back for games I’d rather just play. But it is very frustrating!

    I hate how zynga have a seemingly none existant customer support they could learn from other companies.

  13. I’ve been playing this game for 2 weeks now, on level 23 and have never heard of a time lapse cheat. The error saying my truck broke down just started today, May 6th at 5pm so game is useless now.

    • time lapse cheat? i did not know there was a such thing at this game!? why would people do that in the first place?

  14. Here is the fix I got:

    Step 1:
    • Force close the app. Here’s a video on how to do that:

    Step 2:
    • Power off your device and turn it back on.
    If the issue persists, please proceed to Step 3.
    Note: These videos are applicable to any Zynga Mobile Games

    Step 3:
    • Load the game on Airplane Mode.
    Access your Device Settings and turn on “”Airplane Mode””. Then, load the game.
    Once in the game, double-tap the home button again and choose the Settings page to turn off the “”Airplane mode””. Go back to your game and this should bring you back online.

  15. I think mine may be working tried about an hour ago and it let me fill my store and 2 items sold and managed to restock so I’m hoping.

  16. I go to load my game it loads then it kicks me off and reloads then kicks me off again this is after that msg about the truck thing witch was may the 2

  17. Well the latest update does not work. Updated just now and my truck still keeps breaking down. I don’t need their Arabian horses! I need my farm stand to work.

  18. I have never used the cheat and have the problem. I had it for a short time last night after selling A LOT of items and making a lot. It fixed itself and again tonight after making and selling A LOT it did it again. If it continues to happen, guess. I need to be done.

  19. Finally find an app game I like and become addicted to. I play hard and consistently. Level 30 gives me an error message that “my truck broke down”. Cant sell and can’t play. My storage has no space. I have to throw away a lot of items. This is how I continue to play as long as the error goes unfixed. Not fun. I want to give up the game or reset only to find the same error again later. No thanks. Youll lose me.

  20. I’ve not used the cheat at all and I’ve got the message 02/09/2014 I being selling all my stuff I Think they don’t like you getting for far into the game with out paying first, my game as also frozen twice and had to reinstall the game and start again

  21. I’ve had the message about goods being returned I’ve not used any cheats,I’ve only being selling my stuff, I even had to reinstall my game twice because it would not come on after getting so far into the game, I think they don’t like it because I’ve not paid to get so far

  22. If I uninstall and reinstall the mobile app to try and fix the bug….cant sell at the market….truck is broken down……will I lose my progress, money and keys?? It’s been 4 days now!!

  23. I am not using any of the cheats and today i got this message and am now unable to sell anything. I even rented extra sales slots because I’m one of the biggest producers in my Co-op. Now the clock is ticking on my rented slots and I’m stuck at capacity in my storage. This game is great but very glitchy.

  24. I’m on level 40 , I’m totally addicted and right now very angry that you guys at zynga do not have a solution to my problem I do not cheat and I have spent a lot of money on this game , if you guys do not solve it soon I will spread the text that no should play your games and why

    • why would you such a thing?? i heard that this page is filled with viruses of any kind. i suggest that you keep a disteance from this site.


  26. im level 59 now, i do no have much to do now so if there is anybody out there that want some free stuff, you can ask me, i have pretty much everything :P

  27. i am not able to use my truck or sell anything in my barn at store. tells me it’s been returned to barn. i have never cheated on cheats or anything its been like this now for a couple months. tried to restart game that did no good, everything I tried didn’t fix it. help and please fix the problem


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