FarmVille 2: Country Escape has finally been made available for all iOS devices and I am sure you’re already looking for some FarmVille 2 Country Escape cheats and tips, especially since this game looks like a truly amazing game and a super experience for the mobile phone and in my case, a very pleasant surprise from Zynga. But we’re not here to praise the game, we’re here to learn some tips and tricks, so let’s check out below the FarmVille 2 Country Escape cheats and tips for the iPhone and iPad game!

The most important thing to know is that FarmVille 2 Country Escape and the Facebook version of the game are not the same game. However, you can send some goodies to your Facebook farm via Country Escape on your iOS-powered device if you link your accounts. This is easily done and for those already playing the game on Facebook it’s really useful because… free water!

Sell Goods for Fast Money
The Farm Orders Board is the place where you will make your coins by selling the products that you have produced on your farm and stored in your barn. New orders will appear as soon as you complete a previous order and the game plays it really smart and if you have a ton of items, will start asking for more (therefore emptying your limited inventory and rewarding you with more coins). If there are no offers that you like on the board, you can simply tap the red x button and new ones will appear. Here are some extra tips regarding selling on the Farm Orders Board:

– only sell basic items (wheat, corn, milk, apples etc) if you have a ton of them. First, because you only get very few coins on then and second because you will need a lot of these to produce all of the more complicated goods
– only sell after you start producing. This way, you avoid selling things you need to create others.
– sell top products quickly. Basically, the idea is to create the more complex things and sell them as soon as you have them, unless you are required to stack them up for quests. The more advanced the product, the more coins you get for it and the faster you will grow your farm.

Focus on completing the quests
The quest system in FarmVille 2 Country Escape flows pretty naturally and you should do your best to follow these missions and complete them one by one before proceeding. Don’t rush to do too many things on your own, you might end up getting stuck with fewer options available because you haven’t completed the quests. That’s the way to go!

Buy everything you can
There might be a mission that requires you to place only one cow or just a patch of corn. Don’t do it – place them all as soon as you have the money. The more items you have producing goods for your farm, the faster and easier you will grow. You can never have too many things, especially with the orders board there that helps you get rid of unneeded stuff.

The time lapse cheat
Just like in many games out there, FarmVille 2 Country Escape for iPhone and iPad can be easily cheated with the time lapse cheat (at least for now). This means that if you change the time on your device to a future date, you can reap all the benefits and collect the rewards, then change your time back to the actual time and you won’t lose anything. You can do this again and again. Use this with caution as Zynga might start banning or taking measures against players who cheat.

Take advantage of the Farm Stand
The Farm Stand can, at some points, be a better option for selling your goods at better prices than the offers board. Try to produce goods that are very rare and sell them there for higher prices than the offers board. You will surely find people to buy them if you’re not extremely greedy. Also, you can check out the stand for hot sales – it’s not uncommon to find some really great deals and be able to purchase very cheap items there. So always keep an eye on it!

Exploit the Grandma’s Glade!
Hopefully Zynga won’t change this, but you’d be sorry if they did and you didn’t take advantage: you can forage Grandma’s Glade every 15 minutes and this way you will get a ton of free rare items and goodies. Try to always do this!

Upgrade your storage
As soon as you can, upgrade the Barn. You will never have enough space in your barn and there will never be such a thing as a too big barn. So make sure you forage the Glade, get the nails and keep upgrading!

Add friends
Ideally, you will have 3 friends added in FarmVille 2 Country Escape to get some bonuses: with three friends, for starters, you will get a free spin at the wheel. Also, you can visit them and exchange gifts and hope for having them over fertilizing your stuff for even more goodies. Just like with Storage and everything else in the game, you can’t have too many friends in Farmville!

Join a Co-op
As soon as you unlock this feature, make sure to join a co-op (a kind of a FarmVille 2 Country Escape clan) where you can chat with other players and get help from fellow co-op members. An extremely useful and insanely fun feature!

Right now, this would be everything that we have to share with you in terms of FarmVille 2: Country escape tips and cheats. If you have other strategies or tricks to share, let us know by commenting in the section below.


  1. Hello. I have questions on the co-op. See… right now I have like… 3 people from facebook that play farmville2 and I don’t think they have the mobile. (I just downloaded it myself yesterday.) There is one guy who the game says is a neighbor – but he isn’t one in the normal game – and I can’t DO anything on his farm so I think he isn’t playing. the POINT is I mostly have Zfriends as neighbors and would rather NOT add any more people as FB friends just to get neighbors on the mobile. So here are the questions:
    1. Do co-ops give you neighbors?
    2. I clicked on the join co-op and it didn’t work. so I ended up clicking on it until I accidently exited the game. I went back in and tried again and the thing said I already sent a request! So I guess I have to wait! ***** Can I try to join more then one and just do a first come first serve? I don’t want to wait all day to find out if whoever started the darn thing will respond to newbie me. ****

    3. or is it possible to join more then one?

    4. if I don’t like the co-op or it falls apart in the future… can *I* decide to leave ?
    5. IfI make one instead… can I chose to kick someone out (or can I be kicked out) in the future? (after acceptance.) Thanks.

    – After I wrote this I asked to join another co-op… so I can at least *ask* multiple times. I also found some not locked. But I’d like to give one of the two a chance.

    • The coop basically have two types that you can join; the one with the padlock next to the coop name means it is private and you will need to send a request first then have your request accepted (or denied) by the coop founder. Then there are the public coops where you can just join in immediately (no padlock next to coop name). You can only join one at a time. Certainly you can choose to create your own public or private coop and have the control to keep or kick whoever you please. You dont need to add new friends since you can be without neighbors. Although they can speedgrow stuff on your farm i got by without needing neighbors and i am level 25.

      • Thank you for your reply. :) Based on that…
        1. I can conclude that I can leave a co-op if I want – correct?
        2. Ok so if they deny… DO I get a notification of this fact? If they do not reply within a certain amount of time – does it get “auto-denied”?
        3. um. I want neighbors who will play the game more so I can visit them. Though I don’t mind my peach trees giving out an extra peach or two either. So do the co-op people become your neighbors? (yes or no?) It kinda sounded like no – – but I want to be sure. :)

        And this game — like most I’ve played – levels me up way too fast. I’m not READY for a loom and I don’t have the money to expand darn it. lol.

  2. Well I joined one… sorta. Someone advertised one on a fan fb page – but she had just started it. I HOPE it gets more then 3 people (the founder, myself and one other person has joined so far.)

    To answer questions… I can’t remember exactly when but at some point wheat popped back up at the side – BUT you ahve to buy it with KEYS. Everything after the initial one (for animals and workshop/buildings) or two (for crops and trees) take an ever increasing amount of keys to get. Suggestion… if you like the game at all – when offered the starter pack for “80%” TAKE IT.

    Then – to leave a co-op- click on the sign- you will now see a new tab called “my co-op” Click on that. Wait until the darn thing loads fully so you see the members. There is a red “leave co-op” button at the top. I havn’t tried it because I don’t want to leave yet.

  3. Hi,

    IM playing Farmville 2: country escape on my Ipad and on Facebook… Why arent the 2 games the same… My facebook friends are not on my ipad game…


  4. I have 19 nails in my barn and just one lock so i can not upgrade the barn although the amount of nails keeps growing they’re taking all the space in my barn, why can’t i sell my nail because this way its imposible to keep other things in my barn.

  5. I can’t load stuff to sell on the stand. I keep getting the message “your truck has broken down and your goods are recovered to your barn” . Is this due to my using the time lapse cheat or just a bug on the game….I have already updated to the latest version and it still gives me the same message. If it is due to the cheat….is this a forever thing on my game or just for a period of time?

        • Haven’t solved it yet. Found people with the same issue on zynga forum but they haven’t indicated if they used the time lapse cheat. Did you use the time lapse cheat too?

          Found a glitch though…..if my barn is full , I throw the stuff in the stand fast…and if it says goods are recovered, I don’t tap on the farm stand….it gives me temporary storage…then when am ready to have the stuff back, I tap on the farm stand and the goods all show up on my barn again. Try it with unimportant first though…am not sure if it will work the same for others….

          • Do let me know if you used the time lapse cheat too….I wanna know if it’s a consequence of using the cheat or a bug on the game…thanks…

  6. I did not use the time lapse cheat & gott the truck broke down message. It has been 24 hrs & I still can’t sell doesn’t advise how to resolve this issue. It is happening on my mobile app & ipad app.

  7. Truck broken down, can’t sell items in stalls, can’t advance fast enough or help coop members. Please fix this! I did not use any cheats for those who are curious. It just happened to me yesterday while at Level 29.

  8. Since yesterday I’ve also been getting the truck broke down message and now playing the game is completely pointless as I have to bin things and not make any money. Still won’t work at all today! Why does everyone say about I don’t cheat along with it? Is it something zynga do if they think you cheat? Because I never have.

  9. Help!
    Have done the time lapse cheat, and upon changing my time back to normal it has stopped me from collecting water from my wells! Thought buying a new one might help but seems not to be the case… I can go forward in time and collect but I don’t know if that’s what I’m stuck with now (aghh if it is!!)
    Has anybody else faced this?

    Switching time back and forth also effected my refresh of the ‘buying goods’ stalls from others players – has this also happened to anyone else?

    • I used the clock cheat. I put it back to the correct time now I can’t play the game for 5 days. Is there anything I can do to expedite this. And promise never to cheat again.

  10. Well i had the same issue with the broken down truck for 2 days never cheated till today to try it and then tried selling again.Same problem,then went to a friends farm and click on there truck and for sale then went back to my farm and what do you know i can sell again.

  11. Reached level 27 with no cheats then the truck problem occurred. was messaged to say the game needed updating and to force closure, only to end up back on level 1. When I reached level 7 again and able to access the market the same problem occurred. well annoyed as bought several lots of keys.

  12. Can someone please help? I’ve upgraded my barn to 120 and it’s the perfect size except that I have 14 nails that are clogging my barn space. The other things I need to upgrade to 130 are no where near enough to upgrade and I need to get rid of these nails! I’ve searched everywhere to find out how to do this. I can’t sell them. They don’t have an X above them in the barn to delete them. Does anyone want some nails? I have 81 apple pies to make and I need the room in the barn!

    • I’ve seen him give one every once in a while. I find them in the circus tent at the top left of the screen. You have to trade ribbons you get from tending the prize animals to get stamps, keys, locks, and other things.

  13. i can’t visit my frns farm from my mbl…how can i visit their farm?i dnt hav any frn playing farm villa in mbl…so i cant invite any of them…

  14. I have made pie several times and never see it show on my farm order board but it dies show inthe barn. How can i sell the pie if it doesnt show on the board so i can complete the quest? I am in an ipad2 btw.

    • I have the same problem!! I have left my coop before and then was able to search and rejoin. Now when I search it does not show up and says there is none that ex is it with that namr .. Please help want to find my coop again!!

      • I just had the same problem! I know the names of people in the co-op but I don’t know the name of the co-op because I didn’t intend to leave. Everyone was so helpful and I loved it but just this morning when I went on it, nothing would load under the co-op shop and then I clicked on the co-op chat and realised that it said ‘Join a Co-Op’ so obviously I’d somehow left it! So annoyed :-( I only know the people’s forenames and some of their surname initials like ‘Victoria G’ for example, so I have tried to find them all on Facebook by recognising their pictures but I can’t find them to inbox them and ask them what the co-op is called :-/

  15. I’m on the quest where you have to sell apple pies but they won’t go onto the farm order board just in my barn and when i sell them on the market it doesn’t recognise that. I don’t know what to do now because i can’t move on without doing this quest….hoping you might know?

  16. Owner accidentally deleted me from co-op. We are friends and she told me it was an accident but I cannot find her co-op to rejoin. I know the name but when I do search it shows different co-ops that have names not even close to her co-op name. Is this a glitch in the search algorithm?

    • I started a private co-op awhile back and we have great members. its not too big and we always help each other out, there is also a special benefit to joining this co-op which you won’t find out unless you become a member and stay with us instead of coming in and then leaving. The coop name is “Rotten Apples” our motto is “what do you want?” You can send a request for membership but you will have to stay out of other co-ops, otherwise we cannot accept you in if you are still a member of another co-op. I hope to see more requests to join soon, have a wonderful day.

      • I’m interested in joining your co-op. I am currently a member of another, relatively inactive co-op. I don’t want to leave this co-op (one or two folks are helpful) until I know I am accepted in yours. Can I send a membership request and then leave the co-op I’m in?

  17. I have started my co-op and I’ve had a strange experience! I had someone join and he’s not on my co-op board! Help please I don’t know how he even got in! I am worried about this! Why is he not on my co-op board? I’ve exited the game 3 times and I still don’t see him! Please let me know!

  18. OK…, I have a question.
    So, I don’t have a Facebook account. I can’t invite three friends to get an extra spin on the prize wheel. But when the page shows up asking me to invite three, on the side, it says “Unlock now for 15 keys”. Does taht mean one extra spin a day forever, or just one spin?

  19. We do not clone in my co op. We also have three rules : be helpful, no high price sells to co op global is your business, and no stealing. Co op name: friendly world farmers (English)
    Motto: be helpful, no high price sells to co op, no stealing

  20. Does anyone know what the plot of flowers to the left of the river is for? It cost $400,000 and required level 34 I believe. I bought it and it doesn’t do anything. I can’t place anything on it either. Just a waste of space and a waste of money?

  21. I tried the time cheat, guess I messed up somewhere cause now nick, eddie, etc won’t come back for 8 thousand days…how can I fix it? No answer from zynga yet

      • I have done the cheat too but i only fast forward 12 hours otherwise it will become Eddie will only come back in like 3000 days or something like that.

        • You make your time/ calendar go past that time is basically far enough so they’re back. Do not use them leave them so they’re there again. Then reset time to normal should be fixed.

  22. I am trying to find a co-op that I accidentally hit the leave button on…can any help or suggest an active co-op for me to join…I play daily for several hours

  23. I was in a coop one of the women in their said that she can double things that she buys I was wondering if anybody can explain to me how to do this I gave her a corn Stach she doubled it two her friend then doubled it to 4 she then doubled to 8 and so on. anyone know how to do this please let me know thank you

    • Its very simple really and it’s just taking advantage of the way the shops work. Basically someone posts an item and then 2 or more people open the shop feed, they can both/all see it and therefore buy it. Hope that makes sense :)

      • Hiya Rebecca! I just posted this to another person so I’ll copy and paste to you as well!

        in my co-op we double a lot to help the new members progress faster. this is what you have to do:

        when you buy an item from the global or co-op market you’re in a sort of ppp up window that covers your farm.
        after you purchase something you have to exit and force close the game from this window (in either market, chat or so on), if you go back to your farm it will ‘forget’ your last purchase and won’t work.
        when you re-enter your farm the purchase will have glitches and doubled the amount you brought.

        this glitch also ignores barn space. so if you have 46/50 barn space, you then buy 3 items, 49/50. you double those 3 items to make 6 and it will go over your barn space! 52/50!

  24. Please Help! For the last week I have been unable to visit my Friends Farms and give them Bonus Fertizer, I am unable to join a Co-op, and am very frustrated! I am on an IPad. I have done a Force Close. My friends can send Speed Seed and I can send them Speed Seed but nothing else. I get a message of unable to Receive Friend Data (or something similar) when I try to click on their farms at the bottom of the page. I accidentally left my Co-op when I was trouble shooting this problem and now cannot get back into one. When I try it say Unable to Join. Please Please Please Help me!!!! I am home bound due to my health right now and this is my only joy at the moment!! I appreciate any and all help! Many thanks, Tammey :-)

  25. Help!!! My Ipad died. How do I get my Farmville game to load on my Iphone with all the data. I downloaded the App but it starts at the beginning again. Was on level 48 and don’t want to lose my data and my keys that I have purchased. Thanks,

  26. We split from a large coop and started w/ 4 people…boring! How do recruit members ?
    Co/op is Friendly farmers
    Play,share ,daily players..Please come on in !

    • Hi fee! In my co-op we double a lot to help the new members progress faster. This is what you have to do:

      When you buy an item from the global or co-op market you’re in a sort of PPP up window that covers your farm.
      After you purchase something you have to exit and force close the game from this window (in either market, chat or so on), if you go back to your farm it will ‘forget’ your last purchase and won’t work.
      When you re-enter your farm the purchase will have glitches and doubled the amount you brought.

      This glitch also ignores barn space. So if you have 46/50 barn space, you then buy 3 items, 49/50. You double those 3 items to make 6 and It will go over your barn space! 52/50!

      How to force close;

      Apple device: double tap home button and swipe away Farmville to force close.

  27. Sorry, if this is off- topic, but I need help.

    I upgraded all of my appliances and windmills. Yesterday, 12/15/14 my windmills switched back to 1x even though I had purchase the 2x upgrades and had been using them for a several days. Today, all but two of my appliance switched from 2x back to 1x. What’s going on? I tried to contact support, but unless you’re a paid member, you don’t have access to anyone. So, I couldn’t email them at all about the problem.

    Also, when chosing where to save your data from the game, which is best to choose? Your device or the cloud? During game play, doesn’t it automatically save to both?

    • You can still submit a help ticket. In game click on little gear icon for Game Settings, select “Help” tab and click “Player Support” button. When the internet window opens click “Tech/Loading”. Try their suggestions and if those do not work then go to the bottom of this page where it asks “Did this help?” Click “No. I need more help!” A screen will open that allows you to submit a help ticket.

  28. I am a co-op founder. I have tried to make my co-op private, but when I do that I receive no requests to join my co-op (though co-op members are telling my their friends have requested). Where should these requests come to?

  29. I accidentally pushed the button to leave the co-op I was in. I loved my co-op and want to rejoin. I never looked at the name. Is there a way to find a list of people who liked me, or the ones I liked? I have searched so many co-ops. There has to be an easier way to find my old one. Can you help me?

  30. I want to know how to double things you buy at the stand and where are the geese you feed corn to? I play on a samsung galaxy s5 phone

  31. Double stuff is easy on s5
    buy something from market
    do not exist market
    in the left corner of the phone is a box thingy
    cluck on it and swipe to the left on the game it forces close the game
    then log on and you got double of what you bought

    my question is for some reason the buy from friends and co-op only shows the sun thingy and in the market is only 10 people posting and ik there are lots more posting things. what do i do

    • Hiya!
      The problem that you are describing is actually a glitch that sometimes happens after you double. For me it will only show my Farmville friends and no one in my co-op, even though I know they have things for sale.
      To completely refresh the co-op market you just have to click the Co-op sign on your farm, its next to your barn. load it up so you can see all of the people in your co-op. Now exit and check your market board. It should be fully loaded. Just remember to do this after doubling.
      This works for me and other members of my co-op, hope it works for you.

  32. Would be so helpful if, like with co-op, we could communicate with global comminity. Some of our friends started long before we did and belong to different co-ops than ours.

    Also, as we level up higher, Eddie’s orders become harder for us to fill. We get preview of what he will want on next trip; we could start filling orders while we await his arrival if we knew how many to prepare. It would be easier for us to earn those treasured stamps if we prepared items that take long to produce if we knew how many to make.

  33. Hi there, all of you guys are really helpful. But I’ve tried double ing or cloning whichever you call it on my iPhone 6 but it doesn’t work. I do everything as written and I watched a few videos, but it doesn’t do anything. Did they block it in the new update?

  34. I visit my friend’s farm. When I go home, my friend’s farm stuck inside my farm. All the things in my farm overlapse with my friend’s stuff. It can be moved but cannot be deleted. I send farm hands to mine/glade/pond, when it times to collect the items I dont get the items..they just disappeared. Did anyone know how to fix this? I tried to restart the game few times but nothing changed. Please help me..

  35. I have a problem with the prize wheel I can’t use the prize wheel it’s tells me 728 day’s and 2 hrs before I can use the prize wheel again anyone know how to get it fixed I don’t force the game to stop in my settings and it still doing the same thing

    • You probably changed your clock and used the wheel while on a future date. Turn your click ahead before leaving the game for the night. Next morning open game and change date back. Do not do anything in game until you turn the time back.

  36. Good day

    I im playing and everthing is working i downloaded all the updates and fame but except on this new chlange my points dont get calculated and i cant go in and see what my orders are to finish it.

    Please help i am enjoying this game.

  37. I think that I accidentally clicked on the warehouse while harvesting apples and now my tree has disappeared. How do I get things back from the warehouse, cannot find it?
    Thank you

  38. Why dose it say my corn won’t be ready for 7,000 days?? I haven’t used any cheats. I really like this game how do I fix it or can someone fix it?

  39. Apparently Zynga has made changes that do affect Time Lapse cheats. When you Time Lapse only go back in time “Never go to the Future!!!”. Traveling into the future causes other time sensitive features to go out of sync, such as your global shop, Nick the salesman, not to mention Mr. Greedy Pants Eddie.

  40. Hello I have a coop and would love if anyone wants to join we are active players that chat and clone but no stealing please come join us the name is Good’s

  41. Well i have unlocked level 14. and they came with a mystery case. But it blocked i cant continue my game on farmville. Its really fustrating i turned my laptop off, i deleted te game and downloaded again but nothing changed please help me and tell what to do to continue my game without being blocked the whole time in that stupid case

  42. I am on level 60. I have noticed certain farm helpers get particular item when visiting mill, or mine, or glade. For example, blond girl gets a strawberry at the glade. Is there a comprehensive list somewhere detailing these particulars? If so I definitely want it! :-)

  43. I noticed on my iPad that there were a few people who were able to get thousands of points within minutes of starting a new round in The Country Fair tournament and I’m thinking they are using the timelapse or spending real money to play. Only one player had purchased the highest boost but the rest caught up to him so fast and you can tell they only had the first couple boosts. I guess I have to cheat or make big purchases to win this crap.


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