Fantasy Life Online Fishing Guide

Fantasy Life Online Fishing Guide

Fantasy Life Online is an RPG in which you can choose which role to play. Different activities are available for each role, and the more different lives you start, the more you can diversify your gameplay. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about fishing.

How to Fish in Fantasy Life Online

Fishing is arguably one of the hardest activities in the game. To unlock the ability to fish you need to start the life of an Angler. But you can also just summon the fisherman character. This is necessary because your squad must necessarily have at least one fisherman, and preferably several. You don’t have to be a fisherman if you’ve already unlocked fishing and have a fishing rod in your inventory.

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When you come to a reservoir where you can fish, a corresponding icon will appear above the character. You can distinguish this water by the floating shadows of the fish.

When you start fishing you have a few things to do:

  • You must move and hold the red arrows in the right direction.
  • You have to swipe the blue arrows in the right direction.
  • You can also quickly tap on the screen or do a long press to catch a fish faster.

The essence of fishing is that the fish ends up on the health scale, but the more you perform various actions, the greater the chance that the fish will break loose and swim away. We recommend going fishing with several anglers and using a rod with 5 or 4 stars.

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Fantasy Life Online Fishing Guide


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