How to Recast Items in Fantasy Life Online

How to Recast Items in Fantasy Life Online

Fantasy Life Online is a fun RPG with elements of a life simulator. Depending on which role you choose, your gameplay will differ in different activities. And in this guide, we want to tell you about a feature that will help you upgrade your items.

How to Recast Items

In Fantasy Life Online, you can Recast your items, weapons, armor, and even furniture. This feature improves the quality of the item and increases the maximum level.

Players do not immediately get access to Recasting. First, you need to build a forge. Then you must live Blacksmith Life and reach the Adept Rank. For Recasting, you also need special consumables called Recast Stone. There are several types of them, for each type of item you want to recast.

  • Item Recaster
  • Weapon Recaster
  • Furniture Recaster
  • Armor Recaster

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And each type is divided into three types for items of different quality.

  • L is used for items with 5 stars.
  • M is used for items with 4 stars.
  • S is used for items with 1-3 stars.

To get these Stones, you need to complete Crusade Missions, for which you will receive special tokens. You can exchange these tokens for the Recast Stones.

Also, keep in mind that high-quality items require more resources. You need better companions, a higher Blacksmith level, and better Hammers. And the faster you recast an item, the better your chances of being successful. Recasted Furniture will be more expensive to sell, but you’ll need a Sawmill to do that, as well as live Carpenter Life and reach the Adept Rank.

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How to Recast Items in Fantasy Life Online


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