We’ve talked about the highly addictive Fantasy Forest Story recently in our tips & tricks article, as well as our breeding guide, and there is now one more thing that we have to tackle: the Fantasy Forest Story battlegrounds. In this article, I am going to share with you all the details you need to know about each battle in the game: the element(s) of the animal you will be facing, in order to make sure that you can easily approach the battle and win it from the first try.

Before we get there, I should complain a little about the fact that I consider the Fantasy Forest Story battle system a bit glitched and too random. Even though in theory the game uses a rock paper scissors mechanic that makes an element strong against another and weak against the third, in some cases luck and randomness seem to matter the most. Either way, here are the Battlegrounds details for levels 17 and above to make things as easy as possible:

LevelOpponent ………………… Opponent Nature ……………………….What to use ………………………..
1??Anything works
2??Anything works
3??Anything works
4??Anything works
5??Anything works
6??Anything works
7??Anything works
8??Anything works
9??Anything works
10??Anything works
11??Anything works
12??Anything works
13??Anything works
14??Anything works
15??Anything works
16??Anything works
17ArmordilloEarth – Fire Earth creature
18Rock RhinoEarthNature creature
19Solar SimianNature – FireFire creature
21RampageEarth – FireEarth/rock
22Pyro PonyFireFire
23BamboonEarth – LeafNature
24Solar SimianNature – FireFire Creature
25BamboonEarth – NatureNature
26Pyro PonyFireRock
27PantlerEarth – NatureNature
32RampageEarth – FireRock
33Solar SimianFire – NatureFire
34VinotaurNature – FireFire
35MagmacoreEarth – FireRock
36Pyro PonyFireRock
37VinotaurNature – FireRock
38GrassquatchEarth – NatureNature & Fire
39MagmacoreEarth – NatureRock
40Ancient SlothEarth – NatureNature
41Rock RhinoEarthNature
42Pyro PonyFireRock
44ArmordilloEarth – FireRock
46Fairy FerretNature – FireFire
47PlantlerEarth – NatureNature
48Pyro PonyFireRock
50RainguinEarth – WaterNature
51ArmordilloEarth – FireRock
52Fairy FerretFire NatureFire
54Rock RhinoEarthNature
55TurtisleWater – NatureNature
57Pyro PonyFireRock
58RainguinWater – EarthNature
59PlantlersRock – NatureNature

Usually, when I am not certain about the outcome of a battle, I just take out my highest level and rarest rock animal and head with it into battle. For some reason, the Rock Creatures seem to be overpowered at least as far as level 60 in the Battlegrounds.

I really hope that you found this guide useful. Part of the information posted here comes from the official forums, thanks to JeannesThinkin.


  1. This guide is highly helpful. :) By the way #56 is a Aquatter and I used my lvl 12 Pyropony on it and beat it with a critical hit. I dunno if this helps or not though

  2. Level 30 is a vinotaur that is evolved but I can’t get passed it someone please tell me what you used to get passed it.

  3. Help I can’t get past level 39 and rock doesn’t work if someone could help me that would be supper helpful thanks

  4. in the battlegrounds I’m trying to win the hydroyak and they are showing the hydroyak and it says he’s locked,so it won’t let me play 79…how do i get past this so i can play & win the hydroyak


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