We have talked about Fantasy Forest Story in the past, but now it’s time to go more in depth with the game and check out Touch Tap Play’s Fantasy Forest Story breeding guide on how to breed all the animals in the game. There are a total of 33 animals available at the moment of writing, but we are sure that more will be added in the near future. Knowing the exact element combinations will help you a lot when deciding what types of animals to breed, so check them out below!

Before we get more in detail with the Fantasy Forest Story breeding guide, it’s worth mentioning one extremely important aspect: in theory, it is the element (fire, rock, leaf or water) that matters the most when breeding animals in the game, and not the monster that you have used. Practice has showed us that you get better chances of getting a rare animal when breeding rare animals of multiple elements. Since multiple elements are in play, though, getting the one you want is very difficult and in the end you will have to keep on breeding and breeding until you get it right.

We are working to see what exact monster combination (for two-element monsters) work the best for each of the animals listed below and you can help by commenting. Until then, check out our Fantasy Forest Story breeding guide below, based on elements:

Pyro Pony: base character, costs 100 coins
Pandaffodil: base character, costs 100 coins
Rock Rhino: base character, costs 2,500 coins
Frostfang: base character, unlocks at level 10 when you expand to the required area
Plantlers: rock + leaf
Solar Simian: leaf + fire
Rampage: Rock + Fire
Vinotaur: Leaf + Fire
Grassquatch: Rock + Leaf
Magmacore: Rock + Fire
Fairy Ferret: Leaf + Fire
ArmorDillo: Rock + Fire
Bamboon: Rock + Leaf
Rainguin: Water + Rock
Turtisle: Water + Leaf
Iciclaw: Water + Rock
Aquatter: Water + Leaf
Glacial Griffin: Water + Rock
Ocean Owl: Water + Leaf
Skyger: Water + Fire (DARK + DARK)
Firefox: Fire + Dark
Planther: Dark + Leaf
Chroadile: Dark + Water
Racmoon: Dark + Rock
Ember Bear: Dark + Fire
Dream Bat: Dark + Rock
Chameneon: Dark + Water
Peamoth: Dark + Leaf
Gargolem: Dark + Rock
Aurora Pegasus: Dark + Leaf
Sea Drake: Dark + Water
Cosmic Phoenix: Dark + Fire
Crystal Unicorn: Fire + Leaf + Water + Dark (so you need multiple element animals here, like Peamoth + Armordillo or Bamboon + Chromadile and so on).

So breeding in this game is more of a trial and error process, where you keep breeding the same elements until you get the animal that you like. Have you managed to find a combination that is more likely to spawn a specific animal in Fantasy Forest Story? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. Hey guys! I want to know what two EXSACT animals will make the magmacore, I really want him but they keep turning into other animals that use rock and fire or whatever he uses, I know he’s altar rare but I really want him! But the ocean owl is my absolute FAVE, I want her too…. Same thing keeps happenin

  2. Hey Kel! Im havin the same problem…. Can anyone tell me what animals pesificly make the ocean owl? Like the pyro pony and the rock ryno or whatever pesificly make the grassquache… Please help!!!

  3. I’ve gotten so many magmacores I’ve had to sell so many of them. I’m hatching a crystal unicorn right now . the exact magmacore combination is: a fire and earth, or fire or rock. try them both… add me my storm

  4. Does it matter whether you use high level vs low level creatures for breeding? Are the odds different with 4th level breeders than with 10th or even 15th level creatures?

  5. I kept breeding fire + earth, never ended up with a magmacore. FINALLY, after breeding a solar simian with something else (I think rainguin?), trying to get a crystal unicorn, I got my magmacore!!! What combinations did you use to get the crystal unicorn?

  6. Try keeping breeding bamboos and pyro pony for magma core. It. Takes a few tries but will eventually work. Add me my storm I’d is elice01 keep smiling :)

  7. Frostfang and solar simian = ocean owl
    Frostfang and aquatter = ocean owl
    Pyro pony and turtisle = owl
    Pyro pony and armordillo = magmacore
    Ancient Sloth and cosmic Phoenix = unicorn
    Pyro pony and skyger = cosmic Phoenix
    Pyro pony and aquatter = reindeer

    If someone could tell me how to get the toy poodle I would really be greatful.

  8. Hi everyone I love this game and I am trying to figure out what the pink and yellow Panther is called and how to breed it. Can anyone help me with this? I would really appreciate it! THX!

  9. SO CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!! I have never gotten the same animal twice. I conducted an experiment with multiple phones with this game . My theory is that if you go to the shop and see what animal you like,,, for example Bamboon. (Rock,Grass type creature) you have an80% higher chance of getting him and youll never get the same animal twice if you do this. You take the rhino (rock type) and you put him in first, then the panda( grass type) in next will make him. The reason why I said in that order is because look at the order of the bamboons elements. It says rock first and grass next. Its the same thing as when you’re breeding crossed species. The first element is the dominant so you put it in the breeding chamber first. “””””””””””” also if you put in a 1 element creature in with a two you have a 65% chance of getting the same 2 element creature. (These are not facts but tips I have learned through many hours of this game.)

  10. I finally got. Crystal unicorn! Yay .. It took me about 8 months . It’s how long I’ve been playing this game :) i got crystal unicorn first time breeding golden lion level 11 and rainguin level 5. I bred them again twice after the unicorn for the hell of it but no luck in getting a second unicorn. :)

  11. Is it possible to bread a crystal unicorn while your game level is at 10 and u only have nature fire rock and water animals and cross ones

  12. Luciano (author) ~ it would help us immensely if you’d post the amount of incubation time for each of the animals/crossbreeds you’ve listed. Thx!

  13. Pls help with crystal unicorn & It would mean a lot & i would return the favour everyday cause i am at Level 16 but have all the main & important monsters to breed it

    • they have a nice website for breeding.it even tells you if you need to breed the same thing more than once to get your animal.Just type in fantasy story breeding and pick the guide4gamers one

  14. Why can’t I breed a cross animal with a crystal, everytime I breed the crystal animal with another animal I never get a crystal cross animal? What am I doing wrong?


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