One of the key aspects of Fallout Shelter is choosing the right equipment and weapons for your citizens. After all, even a character with high levels of strength and endurance but without good armor and weapons will not be able to stay alive for a long time. 

Weapons in Fallout Shelter are at the heart of the game. Without the use of weapons, it is impossible to complete missions or defend against raider attacks. And the very first attack of the Deathclaws will undoubtedly lead to the complete destruction of all the inhabitants of the bunker. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you about the best weapons in Fallout Shelter.

The Best Light Weapons in Fallout Shelter

In all games, pistols are light weapons. In Fallout Shelter, they are presented in huge numbers, and at the beginning of the game, you will have to choose from them. At the initial stages of the game, all light weapons that you manage to find will have damage of about 2-5 units.

The best pistol is the Blackhawk revolver. This gun has a telescopic sight and shoots 44 caliber bullets. In one shot, you can inflict an enemy from 3 to 8 units of damage. You can find this pistol by opening lunchboxes.

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Shotguns are in second place in terms of damage. These guns are very effective at short distances and deal decent damage to the enemy. The legendary representative of this weapon is Charon’s shotgun. This baby is capable of inflicting 13 to 18 damage to the enemy at a time.

The third representative of light weapons is all kinds of rifles and sawn-off shotguns. Their damage differs from pistols by about 2 times. The most desirable representative of this type of weapon is Railmaster. This gun belongs to the category of legendary guns, which means that you can get it only in lunchboxes. Railmaster has a damage of 14-19 units and is the leader in this indicator among light weapons.

The Best Energy Weapons in Fallout Shelter

There are quite a lot of all kinds of fictional weapons that will be built in the future. It is quite easy to recognize such guns. They have an unusual shape and, most often, bright colors. This class includes energy cannons are blasters, plasma rifles, etc.

Energy weapon damage is roughly similar to rifle and shotgun damage. But it is still very different.

The most interesting representatives of this type of weapon are:

  • A destabilizer that deals 18-23 damage to the enemy at a time.
  • Mean Green Monster with 17-23 damage per shot.

Both weapons are legendary, which means it will be extremely difficult to get them.

The Best Heavy Weapons in Fallout Shelter

Heavy weapons are the rarest and most powerful weapons in Fallout Shelter. It should be noted right away that there are no common weapons in this branch. This can only mean that it will be incredibly difficult to get heavy weapons. Any representative of heavy weapons can compete with damage with both light and energy weapons. And the best one, the Fat Man grenade launcher, has a damage of 22-27 units.

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