In case that you don’t want to spend some real money on the brilliant Joe Danger Infinity, there’s another option for you: Fail Hard for iOS, the game that we’re going to talk about today. And instead talking about the game itself, we’ll do something that you’ll probably love even more: we will share with you some Fail Hard cheats, a set of tips and tricks that will help you progress easy through the stages and get the three star ratings each time.

So let’s check out TTP’s Fail Hard tips and tricks for a perfect strategy and a perfect stunt:

1. All that matters is getting a ton of coins
Really, that’s all that matters in the game and you should do your best to increase your chances of getting as many coins as possible – the more you get, the more stars you will be rewarded with. This means that your main focus should be to collect the coins scattered around the level. However, there are other things that bring you coins: combos give you more, for example, as well as stunts that you perform with your driver. So make sure that you maximize coin revenue each time you play!

2. Remember that you have three tries
Most of the levels are made in such a way that it’s impossible to get all the coins in one go. So don’t try to do it like that – instead, remember that you always have three tries and that you should optimize each of your tries to maximize the coin gains.

3. Learn to land after a jump
Although careful maneuvering is not what this game is about, sometimes it might just be the thing you need. Especially when it comes to landing after a high jump, so learn how to do this properly. After a high jump, tap the left button to bring the bike in a horizontal position, and as soon as you’re about to hit the ground, tap the right button to have some speed. Just make sure your falling speed is not too great, otherwise your bike will break.

4. Learn to jump off the bike at the proper time
If you tap the Jump button (up arrow) twice, Johnny will jump off the bike. You can collect a lot of hard to get coins this way, but this technique is even harder to master than the previous one. Learn to do spins and flips and then, when at the right angle, tap the up arrow quickly for the driver to jump and get that coin you really need.

5. Upgrade your ride
At first, I did the wrong thing trying to save up money for the second bike. Invest your money in the first bike that you get and listen to the advice you get before the race (if they say better spin is required, upgrade your spin and so on). There are some later levels which are impossible to beat unless you have some upgrades purchased, so make sure that you get them. For tracks with short distances, you will need a better acceleration, for longer tracks you will need better top speed and for those zany ones with a lot of jumps, you will need the Spin. So, basically, you will need to have a balance in your upgrades.

6. Keep playing each stage until you master it
The nice thing about the game is that it allows you coins no matter what. So in the end, if you need more coins, simply focus on each of the stages and play them over and over again until you manage you master them. You will get a nice chunk of money in the process and you will afford better upgrades for your bike.

Do you have other tips and suggestions for Fail Hard for iPhone and iPad? Let us know by commenting below!

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  1. thanks sounds very helpful ill have to try them. by the way good order, and definitions. and STRATIGY, I’ve never thought about looking stuff up about this game, sounds perfect, I’m almost certain this is what I’ve been looking for to help me with the game. P.S. THANKS!!! :)


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