Joe Danger Infinity Cheats: Tips & Tricks


Joe Danger Infinity has finally been released and was already picked as one of the best iOS game launches of the week here at Touch, Tap, Play. But we’re not going to stop here – instead, we’re going to share with you some Joe Danger Infinity cheats: a set of tips and tricks that will hopefully help you get the most out of the game! So without further ado, let’s check out the Joe Danger Infinity tips and strategies below!

Master the wheelie
Just like in the first Joe Danger game, mastering the wheelie will be a life saver. Whenever you’re about to hit a sticky surface (like mud) which would normally slow you down, perform the wheelie: simply swipe your finger from the front to the back of the bike and you’ll do it.

Know what challenge await
You get the Pro Medal if you manage to get all three challenges in one go, and that’s not an easy job. However, there is an indicator before starting on what to expect and what to focus on. For example, the trophy icon is a score based challenge where you’ll need to perform a ton of tricks, like the aforementioned wheelie or backflips.

Don’t waste coins
Some races will require you to have a specific character unlocked, and that’s when having some extra coins saved up comes in handy: you’ll be able to buy that character and get going.

Get all the easy medals
Although as soon as you start playing the game, even the first stages might seem a bit difficult, as you progress and your skills get better, these will be a piece of cake. So make sure you get back to playing all those that you haven’t unlocked all the medals for to make sure that you maximize them and, in return, unlock new stages in Joe Danger Infinity.

Find a way to hold the device
There are things that you have tap on during the race and you can’t do all that with one hand. If playing on your iPhone, using two hands might block the view and make things difficult. So you should try to find the best way to hold the device during play time in order to have everything at hand. A good idea is to use your power hand for controlling the bike and the other to tap on items that appear during the race.

Prepare for the jumps
You can prepare for a jump well before being close to the obstacle: simply keep Joe ducked at all possible times and only release your finger when you want the jump performed. This will make things a lot easier for you.

Learn the double jumps
In many situations, coins laying around are not that easy to get, and you have to perform a double jump (tap again after a jump to jump even higher). Try to learn doing them and time them perfectly to get all the hard to get coins.

For now, these are our tips and tricks for playing Joe Danger Infinity. Do you have any other suggestions to share with fellow players? Let us know by commenting below.

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Joe Danger Infinity Cheats: Tips & Tricks


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