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Exos Heroes Tips: Cheats & Guide for Those who Want to Play Better

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Exos Heroes is a brand new story rich RPG for mobile that tries to revolutionize the genre and deliver more than your regular experience. And we’re here to help you play a better game by sharing a set of Exos Heroes tips and cheats in our complete guide.

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It is interesting to see Exos Heroes launched at about the same time with Hero Cantare – a similar RPG in terms of approach (story rich, amazing graphics, high depth). It’s good to see that mobile games are evolving so much and delivering true quality – all for free!

But enough praising the game! It’s time to learn how to play it, so let’s check out our Exos Heroes tips and guide below!

Grab a top hero for free early on

Unlike most games out there, Exos Heroes makes it easy for you to get a really high quality character early on. It does this by allowing you to reroll over and over again until you are happy with your results.

This will only happen once in the game, after completing the tutorial (the Prologue), so you should take advantage of this and really select a top quality hero.

You will most likely have to draw at least several times until that happens, but don’t stick to anything lower than 5 stars. Even then, you should be picky and make sure that you choose one of the best heroes in the game. No point in doing it otherwise.

You can check out our guide to rerolling in case you need help deciding or making it through this stage.

In battles, take enemies out one by one

Even though the game follows the classic “rock, paper, scissors” mechanic when it comes to hero advantages, it’s still better to focus on one hero at a time and take your enemies out one after another.

The main reason why you want to do this is that an opponent with 1% health will still deal full damage to your heroes, while one that has been destroyed is gone for good.

So instead of fighting against an entire team and spreading your damage among all characters, focus on taking them one by one.

Of course, I am not talking here about not using skills that attack multiple enemies – those are great to have and you should definitely use them. But do focus your attacks on a single enemy, then another and so on.Makes your job of winning a lot easier.

Understand the “Breaking” mechanics

An interesting mechanic introduced by Exos Heroes is the “Break” one. This basically allows your heroes to stun opponents when they attack them for the first time, if the elemental conditions are met.

In other words, if a hero has a red stone and you’re attacking with a red character, you will “break” that stone and stun them. If an enemy has multiple stones, they can be broken multiple times – and the elements can vary.

For each opponent that you meet, you will first have to do some testing in order to find their element: simply attack the said hero with all types of characters until you find what they’re vulnerable against. Once you discover their element, it will always remain visible.

This is a rally interesting gameplay mechanic that took me a while to understand, but hopefully things are clear now for everybody.

Focus on completing the story

Your main focus, especially early on, should be that of completing the main story. Or at least getting as far ahead as possible.

Not only that this will help your heroes level up fast, but it will also get you accustomed to the battle mechanics and, equally important, will unlock more areas and features in the game.

When you start playing, most of the game’s areas and features are hidden and unlocked as you level up and progress through the story.

Be cautious when leveling up your heroes!

Except for the top hero that you get in the game thanks to the rerolling mechanic that we have talked about earlier, most of the other heroes will become worthless sooner rather than later.

Even the heroes that you might need for completing the story will soon become obsolete and you will be running ideally with 5 and 6 star heroes only.

So be very selective when it comes to leveling them up because the resources to do so aren’t easy to get.

While you can’t completely ignore the lower star heroes especially early on in the game, don’t level them up more than needed to go through the story. Also, always start by working on your best hero and then move down to the worst, as you might unlock a new and better one in the process.

The idea here is to always try to optimize resource consumption in order to get the most out of it to progress faster.

The daily dungeons are your friends

Eventually, you will unlock various dungeons in Exos Heroes. These are going to become your main focus, as they will have better rewards and help you level up your team faster.

Since all the things that you can do in this game need a lot of time due to the tons of bells and whistles and animations and whatnot, you should always start the game day by completing the dungeons – or any other activities that you must get done daily.

Complete the daily quests… daily

One of these daily activities has to be completing the daily quests. There are tons of rewards to be had here and you should not avoid them.

Even better, these quests basically take you through the main activities that you should perform in a day, so make it a habit to follow them and complete them constantly.

Know your heroes and their skills

When in battle, knowing your team’s members well – what their strengths, weaknesses and skills are – can make the difference between a win and a loss. So make sure that you spend time to learn everything about them.

Fortunately, you don’t have to memorize all their skills – you can see what one does by tapping it during a battle, but you should still have a clear image of how much damage they do and how those skills actually affect the battle.

Also spend some time deciding which heroes are the best to be brought into the team, based on their stats and roles you need filled.

When setting up your team, you should always try to build a balanced one: you will need a tank-type character which can soak up the damage and provide protection to the other members.

You will also need a good support unit (or even two) which will buff your squad and/or debuff the opponents.

Finally, you should round up your team with what can be considered the most important part: extremely solid offensive units. Get the best damage dealers you have and put them to good use in each battle, knowing when to use their skills for maximum efficiency.

Tip: A useful way to decide if a hero is good or not is to check out their rating. You can do this from the manage hero screen – the rating is displayed to the left of the heroes list, somewhere in the middle of the screen.

You should know that despite ratings and everything else, the 4 & 5 heroes are better than the rest and eventually your goal will be that of having a 5 and 6 star only team. So no real need to focus on 3-star heroes and below!

What’s the best formation to use?

There are four different formations that you can choose to use in the game and you should always change your formation depending on the type of heroes that you have on hand.

Each formation has two rows: a front and a back row, each better suited for a specific type of character. For example, Defense Heroes are better suited out front, while Chaos or Attack heroes are better suited on the back row.

While the placement of your heroes won’t directly affect who gets attacked more often than not, it will increase (or decrease) the character’s power. So you always want them in their preferred position.

In other words, always choose the formation based on the type of heroes that you want to use in battle but have in mind that choosing the wrong one and placing heroes in positions they don’t like can result in decreasing their power by a ton and therefore making your team weaker!

Equip and polish your best items

As your heroes level up, they unlock various equipment slots. A hero must be level 75 to have all slots open, but fortunately you can start equipping them before that.

As soon as you have the option to equip your heroes with some bits of equipment, do so!

Always start by equipping your best items to your best heroes, then move to the lower power ones.

Also make sure that you start polishing the best equipment you have. Just like it is the case of heroes, equipment can be of various rarities: you will eventually stop using the lower quality items, so there’s no need to invest heavily in leveling them up, especially since that requires a lot of resources.

Also, leveling up better equipment gives you better overall values than leveling up lower tier items.

Enhance heroes

You can put to good use the worthless 1, 2 and even 3 star heroes by using them as enhancement materials for your strongest heroes. You can do this from the Enhance screen in the Manage Hero section.

When enhancing a hero, you should keep some important things in mind:

  • only use the same element to enhance, as it increases the success rate
  • only enhance using one hero at a time. Every failed enhancement increases the chance of the next ones, so you want to do it one step at a time.
  • only enhance your strongest heroes, the ones you are confident you will be using long term.

When enhancing heroes in the game, you can’t use 1 star heroes as material for 5-star ones, while 6-star heroes can only be enhanced using 3-star heroes and above.

Add 50 friends (Alliance in Exos Heroes)

As soon as you unlock the option to visit the city in the game, work on getting all the benefits you can get from it. The first thing you should do is add the maximum amount of friends from the Alliance menu.

Adding friends allows you to send and receive hearts, which in return can be used as currency in teh game to buy various stuff. So you need active people playing the game: constantly kep an eye on your friends list and remove the ones that are not doing their part!

Use the smart exploration feature!

Every time before playing, you should go to the world map and start the exploration mechanic. This is basically instructing the game to collect rewards while you are AFK.

And the best type of exploration you can choose is the Smart Exploration, because that will use all your energy and reward you with impressive goodies when you return. Make sure you don’t forget about this though and each time you leave, start exploring. This will boost your progress dramatically

These would be, for now, our tips for Exos Heroes. If you know additional strategies that could help fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us all know about them by commenting below.

Also, if you have questions about the game, don’t hesitate to ask them below as well.

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Writing about computer and video games since 2008, Luciano started to develop a major interest in mobile gaming starting 2013, after his son was born and free hours for hardcore gaming became nothing but a sweet memory. As a result, Touch Tap Play was created (in 2013 also), so that he can share his love for mobile gaming, but especially write tips and tricks to help fellow gamers do better in their virtual adventures.