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Excadrill Best Moveset in Pokemon Go

These are the best moves for Drillbur in Pokemon Go.

Have you ever wished for a sturdy Steel-type Pokemon that is able to handle itself in battles and is much faster than Steelix? Meet Excadrill, a very underrated DPS originally from the Unova generation. Thanks to his ability to resist a lot of types, they make one of the best in-game battlers you can get your hands on. Not to mention their impenetrable Ground-type attacks. These traits make Excadrill comparable to some of the game’s most powerful Pokemon. This is Excadrill’s best moveset in Pokemon Go.

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How To Get Excadrill In Pokemon Go

Drillbur from Pokemon.
Image used with permission from a shared repository.

Another positive trait of this Pokemon is that it’s a lot easier to get than some other more exclusive units like Mewtwo. All you need to do is catch a ton of Drillbur, keep one, and trade the rest until you have 50 candies. With that number, you can evolve it into Excadrill. Something you should do if possible is catch multiple Drillbur until you find one with the moveset you are looking for. This is because moves can only be changed using TMs and it’s a random pull, so there’s no guarantee you’ll get the set you want by depending on that.

Best Moveset For Excadrill In Pokemon Go

Excadrill’s best asset is its high attack, so you’re going to want to create a moveset based on that. Therefore, the best move would be Earthquake as the main move because it has the highest DPS compared to its other move options. For the quick move, you should have Mud Slap for the same reason. With this moveset, Excadrill will work best against Electric types and Rock types. They are a useful unit for league battles, Rocket fights, and raids depending on the enemy.

How To Unlock A Third Move For Excadrill In Pokemon Go

Even after you evolve Drillbur, make sure to keep catching and transferring extra copies in order to collect the candies. These are required for leveling as well as unlocking a third move slot. To get a randomly drawn third move, you need at least 50 candies and 50000 stardust. More moves will mean more options for winning battles.

Excadrill is an invaluable Electric counter who will help you win matches in Pokemon Go!

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Excadrill Best Moveset in Pokemon Go