Evil Hunter Tycoon Tips & Cheats: Guide to Play Better

Evil Hunter Tycoon is an amazing RPG that will keep you busy and entertained for hours. But now we’re here to share some Evil Hunter Tycoon tips and cheats in our complete guide for this game.

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There are a ton of things to do here and even though progress is slow, there’s always an upgrade to buy, a resource to micromanage or a hunter to train – we’re going to learn all about this, as well as all the other basics in today’s guide!

So without further ado, here is our complete guide to Evil Hunter Tycoon: tips and tricks to help you play a better game!

Plan your buildings’ placement

I am starting with this bit of advice because it’s extremely important: since space is extremely limited around your base and there are a ton of buildings that you will have to construct, it’s best to start planning your design early on.

Remove the debris as soon as you can in order to know what you’re dealing with and don’t rush to buy decorations until you know that you really have the space to place them. There are really a ton of buildings to purchase and cram in that narrow space!

You can move buildings around by tapping and holding: a good idea is to optimize them on the map, placing all the Hunter buildings next to each other: Infirmary next to the Restaurant, next to the Inn, next to the Tavern.

Use Your Premium Hunter Draws ASAP

The rarest hunters are the best, no matter what their type is. R and S Hunters will always do better than N ones and since they need a lot of time to level up, it’s best to just use all the free premium scrolls you have early on (look in your town’s storage) and summon them all.

Then, banish all the N ones in order to have a super team in the making early on. This will give you a massive advantage, as the rarest will have more time to level up.

IMPORTANT: If you’re just starting the game, keep at least one N character in your Town because one of the tutorial missions will require you to banish a Hunter. If you have passed this mission, you can safely banish all the normal ones.

Before banishing a hunter, make sure that you reclaim any equipment they have that you might need!

Complete the Quest Line

The game’s missions will carry you through the steps you need to follow in order to progress through the game as you should. They also introduce new gameplay elements at a decent pace so you’re not overwhelmed.

So focus on completing the quests, taking them one at a time. Some will take longer than others – but this is not a game you can “complete”. Instead, you’re in for a ride. A long, yet fun one!

Build all available structures

You can still get ahead of the quests when it comes to building new structures, upgrading existing ones or improving your heroes. I usually do that when I hit a quest that takes a lot to complete (the first being the one that requires me to craft an advanced weapon).

While most of the buildings that you can get will be above your level early on (such as the Boss Horn and all those Accessory shops), it doesn’t hurt to have them built in the game in order to better plan out your resources.

But the most important structures to build before the quest line in Evil Hunter Tycoon asks you to are the House (to get more Hunters) and upgrading the Town Hall, for unlocking new structures and upgrades to existing building.

Keep the main buildings stocked

There are some buildings that your Hunters can live without (like the Tavern), but you should still do your best to build all the stat-enhancing buildings and keep them stocked at all times.

Some are mandatory, like the Infirmary and if you don’t have the required items, the Hunters will simply pile up outside and wait.

So always keep them stocked up: make sure that you have the required basic materials on hand at all times, then use the required materials to actually create the advanced items needed by each of these buildings.

To continue with the example of the Infirmary, you will need the main ingredient Linen Cloth to produce the basic Linen Bandages. If you don’t have any and all your hunters are injured, you can run into problems.

The developers were smart enough to offer various ways out if this happens, such as the option to use various other currencies to make the purchases, but it’s very easy to avoid running out of things if you simply keep an eye on the resources and micromanage them flawlessly.

Always keep a stash of ALL resources

In order to make things easier, I would actually recommend you to always have a stash of all resources, just in case. Keep the basic ones – like Oranges, Flour or Linen Cloth at 20, while trying to always build up the stored amounts of all the others for faster progress.

You will see that you will need a lot of certain ones – like Heartwood Fragments – so always adapt and keep a stock of items you need.

Tap to collect from the different battlefields

Your hunters won’t collect all the loot that’s dropped by the monsters they defeat – but that’s a good thing, as you can collect it instead and get all those materials for free!

Just go over the battlefields every now and then and collect all the shiny items there. Keep an eye out for Elementals as well, since tapping them rewards you with items you can use to purchase various boosts.

Work on equipping your Hunters

Creating weapons and armor for your Hunters is not the fastest thing you’ll ever do, but you should methodically work on getting better items for your heroes.

Crafting Weapons

Each of the four classes available in the game can only equip a weapon that works with their class. They all have three weapon types to choose from: one that increases Critical Chance, one that increases Attack Speed and one that increases Attack Damage.

Rarer weapons offer more boosts, but also require more items and monster drops. There’s no real option here than to start by crafting the basic weapons and upgrade slowly.

I personally prefer weapons that increase the Attack Speed or Damage early on but in the end it seems that all the weapons end up doing about the same amount of extra damage at the end of the day.

Crafting Armor

With armor, things are a bit more complicated as you have more options to craft. The easiest to make early on are the boots – so start with those.

You shouldn’t waste resources or time on crafting armor in the first two categories as they are, in my opinion, not worth it because they come with negative effects (even though they do increase your Hunters’ survivability).

But you can unlock the third armor in each category relatively fast once you start collecting those Skeleton Bone Fragments. These armor items will be useful for a longer amount of time and it’s worth the wait to get them.

Only enchant advanced items

Once you have created some items to equip your Hunters, it’s time to enchant them in order to boost their stats even more.

Never enchant their basic, starting items, because that’s just a waste of resources. Instead, only enchant the advanced ones that you have crafted yourself.

The boosts offered by enchanting items are not huge, but they do add up, so make sure to always enchant all items, starting with the most advanced ones equipped to your best (rarest) Hunters.

Don’t rush to send Hunters in a new area early on

If you have just started playing the game, or you haven’t had enough time to properly upgrade and level up your Hunters, you won’t get a lot if you send them into the more advanced areas (like the Land of the Dead).

If you do so, they will be instantly overpowered by the monsters roaming those lands and you will end up consuming a lot more resources and money to revive them.

Instead, wait until you have a decent amount of higher level hunters ready to go there. The more hunters you can send – and the better they are – the more useful their fights in the advanced lands will be.

But if you send them there and you see that they are killed before managing to destroy an enemy themselves or at least deal some serious damage, send them back in the previous lands to level up and become stronger.

Keep completing Bounty Hunts

The best way to level up your Hunters while making some money as well is to complete Bounty Hunts. Actually, you should always have hunters involved in one sort of a bounty hunt.

Even though the Bounty Hunts in the more advanced areas seem better since you get more resources and your Hunters get more XP, if they are not strong enough to quickly complete the challenge, it’s also just a waste of time.

In other words, it’s better to complete bounty hunts more often in the Invaded Land than taking a ton of time to complete one in the Land of the Dead.

Some Hunter Types are Better than others

In Evil Hunter Tycoon, we have three different classes for our characters: Bersekers, Paladins, Sorcerers and Rangers, each differentiated by the skills they have and the traits they can unlock.

In my opinion, the best class is the Ranger class as their Multishot makes them lethal, while the starting Evasion gives them increased chances of avoiding enemy attacks. They evolve nicely with the other skills and traits too.

The Sorcerer class comes next: also a ranged class focused on dealing AoE damage and solid buffs. Just like the Rangers, they are perfect for all types of combat.

The Paladin are the tanks in the game and they should be an important part of your team in the Dungeon or PvP. They heal themselves and soak up the damage, giving the other teammates a chance to work their magic and deal a ton of damage.

The Berserkers come last thanks to their increased attack and chance to stun the opponents. Their following traits and skills are useful for dealing damage, but if you create a team of the previous three above, Berserkers will be less useful.

Note: The Berserkers become better choices for the regular game when fighting against monsters in PvE, while Paladins are better suited for the Dungeon and PvP.

Buy those special boosts from the shop!

Make sure to visit the Shop and buy some of the extremely useful premium items there, like the Pets.

The Vampire Bat can give you up to 10% life leech – which is extremely useful, while the Dark Fox increases defence and the Baby Dragon boosts your attack. I believe that these three are the three things you should save Gems for.

If you have Gems to spend, the costumes for your Hunters come with additional and extremely useful boosts, while the other goodies in the store which can be purchased without premium currency, can also prove useful.

So all in all, don’t forget to check the things available in the Shop and plan your purchases in order to boost your performance in the game.

Watch ads for goodies

Like most free to play games out there, Evil Hunter Tycoon allows you to watch some ads for all sorts of boosts and goodies. It’s a good idea to take advantage of these offers at least every now and then: not only that you get a boost, but you’re helping the devs as well!

For starters, the Treasure Chest that appears every now and then is extremely useful to boost the XP gains of your Hunters, while the Goblin is perfect for rewarding you with free gems.

It’s not really worth watching ads for regular gold as you can make that easily, but if you’re out of coins, you have the option.

Explore the Dungeon & Colosseum

The Dungeon is one of the many additional things you can visit in-game to test your might and grab even better rewards. You should try to be as active in all of these instances in order to get the most out of them.

We’ll have dedicated guides to these in the near future, but until then it’s worth noting that you should pay attention to the composition of your team, both in the Dungeon as well as the Colosseum: my recommended setup is 2 Paladins, 2 Rangers and 1 Sorcerer.

Fine Tune your Hunters’ behavior

If you tap the game’s settings button – the cogwheel icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and then tap AI settings, you can fine tune the behavior of your hunters by adjusting some things as seen below:

For starters, I would deactivate Potion usage in the Hunting Grouds as that’s just a waste of resources.

Also, I would increase all the gauges except HP to 80% – this way, you optimize resource consumption and get the most loot possible in the game.

These would be our Evil Hunter Tycoon tips and tricks for now. But we have more articles published to go more in depth with various other features, so check them out below:

If you have any questions or additional tips or tricks to share, make sure to comment below.

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