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Evil Hunter Tycoon Reincarnation Guide & How to Unlock Normal Mode

Evil Hunter Tycoon Reincarnation Guide & How to Unlock Normal Mode
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The Reincarnation Portal in Evil Hunter Tycoon is present from the beginning, but you’re always wondering how to reincarnate your hunters and how to unlock Normal mode… you will actually end up playing for a long time without getting the option to reincarnate Hunters, so you might be wondering if you’re doing something wrong.

Chances are that you aren’t, but anyway we’re here to share with you a complete Evil Hunter Tycoon reincarnation guide to tell you everything you need to do in order to complete this difficult task.

Because, just like the seemingly impossible Novice Quest 47 that requires you to craft an advanced weapon, this one is a quest as well, requiring you to reincarnate a Hunter (quest 58), then reincarnate 3 of them (quest 61):

Once you reach the quest line, it will be pretty obvious how to reincarnate your Hunters, but you’re probably reading this article before getting there. So here is what you need to know:

How to Reincarnate Your Hunters

Hunters can be reincarnated once they reach their maximum level. This is the only requirement that has to be met: max out their level.

The maximum level when you start is 100. Most likely, after the first reincarnation, the max level will increase (either 150 or 200) but I don’t know that yet since I haven’t gotten there.

But once one of your hunters reaches the maximum level, you can tap them and select the “Reincarnation” option that replaces the “Item” one:

The Hunter will then go to the Reincarnation portal and after a while (5 minutes), they will gain an extra star and start from level 1 again, but with better stats to start with. Rinse and repeat!

Now comes the fun part: after you reincarnate two Hunters, you can unlock the Normal mode. Since these two features go hand in hand, I will share a complete guide to the Normal mode as well below.

Evil Hunter Tycoon Normal Mode: Everything You Need to Know

You need two reincarnated Hunters (1-star hunters) in order to unlock the Normal mode. This basically resets the world that you’re in and you start over in an area with stronger monsters.

However, unlike in all other similar games, you won’t lose all your progress: buildings will remain in place, hero levels will remain in place and items will stay as they are. All that is reset is the monster spawns, the bounty quests (if any are active) and all Boss Battles.

The areas where your Hunters can go fight monsters will remain unchanged, but the monsters themselves will be much stronger.

However, when going to Normal Mode, there is one extremely important thing to know:

All heroes that are not reincarnated will NOT fight!

So if you switch to the Normal game mode when you have just 2 heroes, you will only be able to send those into battle!

Since you don’t want to have your other heroes just standing around, here is what I recommend you to do:

  1. Build a Training Ground (building available from the Construction tab) and craft an amount of Beginner Tactics books equal to the number of Hunters that haven’t reincarnated yet.
  2. Switch to Normal Mode ASAP and send your hunters to train (there is a maximum of 8 slots, but most likely you will have 5-6 left to train at this point).
  3. When they start training, they will need 30 minutes to reach the max level. At this point, switch back to Easy mode so that the Hunters that you have reincarnated already actually produce some solid loot.
  4. When the 30 minutes pass and you have all your hunters reincarnated (or most of them, at least), switch back to normal mode and take on the monsters with a lot of strength!

The reason why you want to reset back is that you can’t train your Hunters until you are in the advanced area, but if you only have 2 that can hunt, they will get killed more often than not so you will lose a ton of resources.

Upgrade your buildings before moving to Normal Mode!

Another thing that you should prepare prior to advancing to an increased difficulty level is managing your buildings. At this point, you should have enough money to level up to level 2 the Inn, Infirmary and Restaurant.

Leveling up a building unlocks different foods – you will craft those with resources gained from the Normal instance. BUT in the Normal Instance you will receive fewer lower level items, so you won’t be able to keep crafting the lower level goods as before.

So level up your buildings before increasing the difficulty level, make sure that you have some stocks of the basic resources in the buildings (Linen Bandage, Cakes and so on) and that your Hunters are well equipped and with enchanted items.

And only then switch completely to the Normal difficulty level and start everything from scratch. Rinse and repeat until you get to the Torment III level – it will take a while!

Now you know everything about reincarnating your heroes in Evil Hunter Tycoon and when to switch to Normal mode (and how). We also have a guide for EHT – make sure to check it out, as we have published a lot of useful information there as well.

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Evil Hunter Tycoon Reincarnation Guide & How to Unlock Normal Mode


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