EveryTown is another city builder in the iOS world that is filled with them. EveryTown’s developer, Flero Games does not let that stop them from going ahead with another attempt. What we get here is a familiar gaming experience that is unique in its own right but still manages to be relatively entertaining.

EveryTown allows you from the moment you start, to create your town, personalized with name, male/female, etc. This personal touch allows you to feel a slight more connection to the town before being tossed into a tutorial. For tutorial sake, it is straight forward and what felt like a bit of excessive hand holding, wore off quickly. The tutorial was quite helpful and did not over stay its welcome like so many city builders struggle with.

Here in EveryTown you have the freedom to build, with of course, the struggles of building a town, resourcing. Here resources build off each other, with each having an importance that depends on another resource. A simple system all of a sudden feels complicated but that’s not to say it feels any harder. This allows for a challenge that feels fun on its own right.

Thankfully, EveryTown has more than just a resource builder but quests. Quests, when beaten, give you resources, and in a city builder, more time to complete and expand your city. They add to the game’s overall play, making for a more dense experience that might feel familiar had they not been there.

Of course, like every city builder that requires resources (insert FarmVille fame), the inevitable pay wall is not too far behind. However, despite the game being cheap (Free, actually) the pay wall is pretty hefty. EveryTown gives you the option of purchasing the best ‘deal’ but even then, that’s a hefty $9.99 price tag.

The biggest stand out to EveryTown is the art style and visual aesthetics. The heavily anime inspired art style is both interesting and gorgeous. What we get here is a great splash of colors, a large palette that stimulates the retina display. It is quite gorgeous, even if you don’t necessarily like the art style, the variation of colors working together look and work really well.

What EveryTown gives you is an anime inspired city builder that can properly stand on its own. Sure, the pay wall might be too steep but if you find yourself enjoying the resource system, city building and neat quests, you might find yourself enticed into paying for more.

Purchase EveryTown at theĀ App Store


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