Everything New in Deep Space 9 Arc 1: Star Trek Fleet Command


Star Trek: Fleet Command is bringing players a new update full of exciting new stories, missions, officers and features. Check out our guide below to find out everything new in Deep Space 9 Arc 1: Star Fleet Command.

Star Trek Fleet Command Update 46: Deep Space 9 Part One

This latest update brings us new stories and missions based on the story of Terok Nor, and 3 new officers. These new officers are:

  • Benjamin Sisko – Epic rarity
    • Captain Maneuver: Persistence is Key – Increase armor, shield deflection, and dodge by X% of total health when fighting armadas.
    • Officer Ability: Defensive Measures – Increases critical hit chance against armadas by X% every round
  • Kira Nerys – Rare rarity
    • Captain Maneuver: Tactical Infiltration – Reduce critical hit chance of Cardassian armadas by X% every round
    • Officer Ability: Know Your Enemy – Decrease armor, shield deflection, and dodge of armadas by X% of attack when you hit with a weapon
  • Miles O’Brien – Rare rarity
    • Officer Ability: Luck of the Irish – At the start of each round X% chance to double shots (armadas only)
    • Below Deck Ability: Warp Core Tuning – Increase warp speed by X%

There will also be a new co-op feature – The Alliance Starbase. This new feature will allow Alliances to combine their efforts and build a huge space station that will harvest Plasma.

alliance starbase star trek fleet command
The Alliance Starbase (via Star Trek Fleet Command)

The update also brings new refits all of which increase base mitigation stats by +200%. These are the Salavaged Augur, Salvaged USS Enterprise, and the Salvaged D4.

refit star trek fleet command augur
Salvaged Augur (via Star Trek Fleet Command)

A new projectile will be available on the Star Trek Fleet Command Webstore. The Gold Cardassian Disruptor increases critical damage by 25%. New bundles can also be purchased, with new odds and additional faction-based officers. Find out more information in the Star Trek Fleet Command Store.

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10 new core missions, 15 side missions, and 5 missions involving the new Alliance Starbase are also being added. These missions and stories will delve deep into the stories of Kira, O’Brien, and the rest of the DS9 crew. 19 new Bajor systems will contain Cardassian stations which can be defeated in order to build and upgrade the Alliance Starbase.

Those are the main additions to get excited about with this new update, but there is so much more including new frames and avatars, and bug fixes some of you will no doubt have been waiting for! Jump in to Star Trek: Fleet Command now to begin your DS9 adventure. Find out more information at Star Trek Fleet Command. Good luck!

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Everything New in Deep Space 9 Arc 1: Star Trek Fleet Command


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