Last week, Uppercut Games released the sequel to their game EPOCH. In EPOCH.2EPOCH finishes his quest to find and rescue Princess Amelia. What he encounters is warring gangs of robots, dangerous enemies and the solution to the mystery that is the downfall of humans.

I went into this game without playing the first one, so storywise I was confused. Luckily for me, the game decided to jump right into the action. EPOCH.2 has one of the best tutorials in an iOS game I have played. The game gives each ability and action a short little rundown, giving a player to try out everything one at time. Using simple swipe and touch controls, the player controls EPOCH has he fights through hordes of robots and bosses. Players have to use strategy, navigating the hero through cover while dodging attacks and using abilities when needed. As each mission is completed, players earn credits which they can use to upgrade EPOCH. Upgrades range from new armor and weapons to better and more powerful abilities.

I can say without a doubt that this is one of the best iOS games I have played. My only complaint is that the graphics can be slightly better, especially in the cut scenes. But everything else is wonderful. When I typically read about games with swipe and touch gameplay, I think of fun and simple puzzle games. I was not expecting to use swiping motions to navigate a robot during a shoot-out. EPOCH.2 is also a quite a challenging game. It requires a lot of timing and quick reflexes to make sure you stay alive to make it through the level. Another thing I like about the game is the fact each level has 3 separate playthroughs: campaign, time trial and an “Iron Mode”. Each playthrough has a different weapon and armor set suggestion that would allow you to beat it faster.

Even if you didn’t play the first EPOCH game, EPOCH.2  is definitely worth picking up. With fast and challenging gameplay, this game won’t let you get bored easily. Uppercut has made quite a wonderful game here. If you are a fan of shooters and like a little bit of a challenging, EPOCH.2 is the game for you.

iTunes link: EPOCH.2


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