Epoch 2 was named as one of the best games released this week on the App Store and since it’s so great, I have decided to share with you a set of Epoch 2 cheats: a collection of tips and tricks that will improve your game and help you get the most out of it. So let’s not waste a second and let’s check out below the Epoch 2 tips and tricks!

– Always stay in cover and always look for the best cover position. Usually, you will be allowed to cover left, middle and right. A good idea is to keep moving from one position to the other to improve your chances of taking down the enemies.


– Don’t forget about the Super Moves: when you’re either in the right or left position, you can perform a Super Move that switches you all the way to the other side. While in the middle of the screen, you can jump up when grenades are thrown at you – just make sure you master the timing!

– Go for fast reloads: these are available while reloading by swiping down again. A bar will appear and your goal is to swipe down once more when the slider reaches the white section. Do this and your weapon will reload instantly and you will also cause double damage until you empty your clip.

– Keep moving. Probably this is the best advice one can give you: the enemies target you slowly and if you keep moving, you’re generally out of their aim. However, when you move depends on the enemy you are facing. For example, if it’s a Gunner we’re talking about, it’s best to draw fire to an area and then quickly move two sides left or right. If it’s a Blaster that you’re facing, you should wait until the last moment and so on – learn your enemies and when it’s best to move.

– Destroy enemies one at a time. Instead of damaging each of your enemies, focus on bringing them down one at a time. Once they die, they no longer pose a threat, while an enemy with just a little health left can still shoot at you.

These would be for now our tips and tricks for Epoch 2. Let us know what advanced strategies are you using by commenting below!



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