Welcome to the wonderful world of Epic Conquest 2, the long-awaited sequel to the action RPG that takes cues from classic RPGs! Follow the story of young apprentice knight Claris as she trains to become a legendary knight. Fight and battle your way through this epic adventure with the aid of our Epic Conquest 2 tips and tricks beginner’s guide!

Take your Time and Don’t Skip Cutscenes

Epic Conquest 2 is unlike other mobile RPGs in the sense that it prefers to take after classic console RPGs. What this means is that you’ll be completely lost if you blow your way through the game, so slow down and take in the world.

Talk to NPCs walking around the villages, explore and get your bearings, and most importantly don’t skip the cutscenes. Not only do you get important plot info, but cutscenes will lead directly into your next objective, but if you don’t watch them you’ll have no idea what is going on.

Refer to your Map for Guidance

The world of Epic Conquest 2 is a massive beast, and it can be easy to lose your way. The game is also structured after classic RPGs from yesteryear, and the only kind of objective marker you get is a general icon. Your map contains a lot of helpful info, so make sure to refer to it often.

First off, tapping the minimap will bring up a large map of the current area. You can even zoom out and see the world map if you wish. Make it a habit of scoping out the map as soon as you enter an uncharted area to see if there are any checkpoints, which have this icon:

Interacting with a checkpoint will allow you to return to that location at any point. Make sure to activate these as you see them!

Lastly, if you’re completely unsure of what to do next, tap on the question mark button next to the minimap. Claris will tell you what her current objective is, which should point you in the right direction.

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Combat Techniques

Combat is relatively straight forward in Epic Conquest 2 – attack, dodge, use skills, and rinse and repeat until the enemy is defeated. The most important maneuver is the dodge, so it’s important to practice with it.

When Claris is in her rolling dodge animation, the beginning frames of the move are invincible meaning she can roll through attacks with proper timing. The tutorial also teaches you of the perfect dodge technique where dodging at the last possible moment grants you a temporary attack and MP buff. Perfecting this technique will help you greatly during boss battles! You’ll know when you pulled it off right if the game slows down and you see a flash of white around Claris.

The dodge is also great for interrupting yourself. All of Claris’ basic attacks can be interrupted at any point with a dodge. Use this to get yourself out of a bad combo or if you see a big attack coming your way. The dodge has a very short cooldown so don’t be afraid to use it liberally.

Also, use your skills often. This may sound like obvious advice but the more you use your skills, the stronger they get. Perfect dodging and normal attacks will help regenerate more MP when you’re low, and if you’re in a bind you can drink a mana potion.

This goes double during boss fights. Bosses always have shields, another mechanic explained to you during the tutorial. All kinds of attacks will reduce the shield bar, but certain skills like Claris’ Tackle are highly effective for breaking shields. Aim to break the boss’ shields and then unleash all of your powerful skills!

Which stats to level up?

There are five main attributes in Epic Conquest 2: strength, intellect, dexterity, agility, and vitality. Every time a character levels up they’ll gain attribute points (AP) that increase their combat performance. Here’s a quick run down of what each stat influences:

  • STR increases critical damage and physical resistance.
  • INT increases maximum MP, skill MP cost, and elemental resistance.
  • DEX increases critical rate and speciality, a stat that changes depending on the character.
  • AGI increases attack speed, certain skill speed, item usage speed, natural evasion rate, skill cooldown speed.
  • VIT increases maximum HP, defense, natural regeneration and item recovery amount.

Note that regular attack power increases after you put enough AP into any of the stats. Putting AP into the STR attribute increases your attack faster.

If you’re unsure of how to allocate your points, it’s perfectly fine to build a balanced character and distribute points evenly. Every attribute is helpful in some way and no points will ever be wasted. You can also reset your AP completely, but this costs rubies so you don’t want to do it too often.

How you build your characters is entirely up to you. AGI and INT are great if you love to use skills often, while STR and VIT will make you sturdier against the more dangerous foes. DEX can help you land more crits and improve your character’s innate special ability.

Starting the Adventure

Once you start the adventure proper and get to Sil Plains, you’ll be able to fight against monsters freely and collect materials. Keep an eye out for raw materials like herbs and iron ore – you’ll need lots of the latter to create your first set of gear. You can see their icons on the minimap if you’re nearby.

Be sure not to venture too far out, as you’re probably not strong enough to take on the higher level monsters. After you’ve collected some hides and iron ore, go back to the capital and head to the southern district to stop by the blacksmith. You can make your first set of iron gear here, which will make you a lot stronger out in the field.

Complete the first major quest to help Jessie the blacksmith, and she’ll setup shop properly. You can further upgrade your gear there, and her sister will open up an item trading post on the second floor. You can trade herbs and other raw materials to get potions and helpful consumables here.

With your first set of gear and some fresh supplies, you’re all set to tackle the world of Epic Conquest 2. Let us know if you have any other tips or tricks to share!

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