Enter The Gungeon

A new update is now available for Enter The Gungeon, the top down game developed by Dodge Roll now available on Nintendo Switch, PC and other consoles.

The new update, update 2.1.4, introduces some fixes as well as gameplay tweaks which should improve the experience. Catch the full update notes below.

  • (Consoles) Fixed a crash during the DraGun’s death
  • (Consoles) Fixed a crash caused by being eaten by the Tarnisher
  • Fixed an exception caused by pedestal mimics in Rainbow Runs (could cause bullets to hang in the air)
  • Fixed an exception caused by dropping the Rat Boots
  • Fixed a possible softlock during boss intros
  • Fixed the hitbox on the alternate art Blasphemy
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t leave the new secret floor while holding an item that grants flight

  • The new characters can now use the legendary hero shrine for cursed runs
  • Fixed several issues with Duct Tape
  • Fixed some issues with the broken state of the Glass Cannon
  • Fixed an issue with the Bait Launcher’s tigers failing to track targets
  • Fixed an issue with the combination of Clone and Super Hot Watch
  • Fixed and issue where the Magazine rack could adjust ammo incorrectly
  • Damage numbers from the Scouter no longer show up on the pause screen
  • Fixed some synergy interactions with the [REDACTED] character
  • Fixed visual depth issues with pushed tables
  • Fixed another duplicate Ammonomicon entry
  • Fixed an issue with minibosses music

Enter the Gungeon is now available in all regions on Nintendo Switch as well as on other platforms.


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