Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar has been available for download in Canada for a couple of months now, but only today Electronic Arts decided that their game is ready for the entire world. This means that we have one big name addition to this week’s games with Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar.

A free online multiplayer RPG from EA Mythic, Quest for the Avatar challenges you to save Britannia from the plague of The Black Weep, and fortunately you won’t be alone in this one: you can form parties with up to 3 players, roam the dungeons and destroy all the monsters that come your way in true Ultima fashion.


Check out the trailer of the game before deciding if you should get it (but I am sure we all know that you’ve already made your mind and are about to download it anyway!):

Just make sure that you have some free space on your iOS powered device before getting this little baby as it requires a minimum of 1.85GB of free space! If it all sounds cool, head over to iTunes and download the game!



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