When trying to pass the stages and put together the best possible team of warriors, you will know exactly what to aim for in terms of strength. Today we are going to take a look at some of the best, most useful Dynasty Scrolls tips and tricks to help you get started, and give you a complete strategy guide that will set you off on the right path.

In this game things will start off pretty easy – you will be able to pass plenty of stages with ease, but then, all of a sudden, they will get difficult and you will find yourself in a stump. I know because I’ve been in that position, and that’s exactly why I am here to give you all the tips on how to avoid that.

If you want to put together some of the best hero combo skills and have a truly badass team, then you’re in the best place – so without further ado, let’s dive into our Dynasty Scrolls guide!

Try to advance as much as possible in the Story Mode

When you’re just starting off, you want to make sure that you progress in the Story Mode as much as you can with your current heroes. I know very well that you won’t have some of the best heroes right away, and it will take a long time to gather all of them, so try to upgrade any strong heroes you get at the beginning and use them.

Make sure you progress as much as you can from the very start because from the levels you’ll claim plenty of rewards and the more you fight, the stronger you’ll get (you’ll get more items to increase your CP, which automatically translates into you improving in power).

If you are going to play the game casually, you want to upgrade the characters you’ll have from the beginning to the maximum level possible every time, and not worry too much about combos and other end-game stuff. Your goal is to try and complete as many stages as possible.

Come back and re-play all the levels

If you won’t be able to pass certain levels with all three starts, don’t worry – some are way more difficult than others, especially when you have a random team. Just make sure you will pass them with 1*, and keep playing. After you’ve leveled up some characters, or replaced them for better ones, come back and re-play the levels that you haven’t aced.

The way star ratings go is as follows:

  • 1 star: more than 1 warrior died
  • 2 stars: 1 warrior died
  • 3 stars: no warriors died

You won’t have some very powerful tanks or super strong combos when starting out, unless you’re super lucky, so don’t worry if you find some heroes falling in battle – after a couple of upgrades, you’ll be able to ace every single stage.

Play through the multiple game modes

Like many other games out there, Dynasty Scrolls is not shy when it comes to the game modes. There are a ton of game modes, from PvP ones to Daily Brawl and Biography Mode, you will have a lot of content to do.

Since much of it costs Stamina, and this is a resource that will be pretty scarce the more you play, you want to make the most out of it. Oh, and you want to add as many friends as you can (but we’ll cover this below).

Make sure you do all of your daily tasks and claim all the daily rewards you can. Sometimes it might be worth buying Stamina Pills and stock up on that because whenever you make major changes to your team, you usually end up spending a lot of Stamina on playing levels that you couldn’t finish before.

Take part in time-limited events and claim the rewards

Along with the daily Stamina expenditure, there will be plenty of time-limited events in Dynasty Scrolls, that you should always take part in. Make sure you check the updates and never miss out on them!

How to get more Stamina in Dynasty Scrolls

Since I already mentioned how important Stamina is, you might wonder how you can get more. Well, Stamina will refill over time, as long as you don’t have the maximum Stamina stored up. Once it’s full, you can’t get any more unless you get it from Friends or other rewards. So, before logging off, try spending as much as you can especially if you go offline for long periods of time.

Here are all the ways to get more Stamina:

  • Wait until it refills
  • Buy Stamina Pills
  • Open the Events Menu and then head on to the Benefits tab (claim Stamina)
  • Add more friends, because you can send and receive free Stamina every day

Complete your Dynasty Scroll collection

Every time you complete a certain number of stages, you will be rewarded with a Dynasty Scroll, hence the game’s name. These Dynasty Scrolls give you stats, which will increase your overall CP. The Dynasty Scrolls give you rewards by completing the Story Stages, or by completing the Side Quests.

Make sure you do all the quests you can, because eventually you want to aim to collect all the Dynasty Scrolls.

Don’t forget to upgrade your heroes

You probably remember that I’ve told you before to upgrade all the heroes you get, as much as possible. This will not only help you clear out the stages much easier, but also give you an idea on how it works.

You can upgrade your heroes in several ways:

  • Upgrade the hero equipment
  • Level up the heroes
  • Rank up the heroes (or star them up)
  • Use Training Pills to train their stats
  • Equip gear to your heroes (gear can be enhanced and refined too)

Don’t worry if you upgrade heroes that you won’t use later on anymore – you will get the materials from their upgrades back!

When you don’t need certain heroes anymore, recycle them!

When you finally get the end-game heroes that you want, you can finally start recycling your old ones and retrieve the materials that have been used to upgrade them. This is a super useful function, that you will definitely make great use for, especially when you will finally acquire the heroes you’ve set your eyes on.

Rank up in the Arena ladder

Every time you increase in power, you should go ahead and challenge other players in the PvP Arena. Make sure you do this regularly, to improve and rank up as much as you can, since you’ll receive rewards according to your rank.

Something you might find useful is that you don’t have to challenge every single player on the ladder. If you’re a lot stronger than the next player ahead of you, you can just walk up the ladder and challenge someone of a higher CP/ranking.

Recruit more heroes every chance you get

When building the dream team, you will have to do quite a lot of summons to get the specific units you want. You should make sure you redeem all the Dynasty Scrolls gift codes because some of them will give you summon chances, which are going to greatly increase the chances of you getting the hero you want.

You’re not sure which heroes to go for? Then make sure you take a look at our Dynasty Scrolls tier list!

Also, if you know exactly which heroes you want, then go to the faction summon and pull 10x heroes from the exact category you want – this will greatly increase your odds of getting that specific warrior.

Add more friends

If you’re an active player, you should always try to add more friends into your friends list. Try to keep your friends list updated constantly, because you want to send and receive free Stamina every day. I suggest you take some time every week to clear out your friends list, and keep it up-to-date with the latest active players. Trust me – it will save you sometimes, especially when you are low on Stamina!

If you want to make friends easier, feel free to drop your in-game ID down in the comments below, so other players can find and add you!

These would be all the Dynasty Scrolls tips that we’ve got at the moment. If you know additional tips or want to share a specific strategy, make sure you drop a comment down in the comments section below!

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