Have you ever wondered what are some of the best characters in Dynasty Scrolls? Then you’re in the right place – today we’ll check out a complete Dynasty Scrolls tier list of all the best heroes you could possibly get, to help you quickly advance in the game!

The best characters in Dynasty Scrolls are based not only on their combos, but also on their own abilities and what they can bring to the team. Since there are plenty of heroes in the game and almost as many combos, I’ve listed them according to everything that could be considered important from every point of view.

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SS Tier Characters

Below are some of the best mid and end-game characters currently available in the game. These heroes are super strong for multiple reasons, and if you focus on them the moment you obtain them, they could help get you far.

Jue Zhang

  • Faction: Warlord
  • Ability: Rage reduction

Zhuge Liang

  • Faction: Shu
  • Ability: Rage stealing

Lu Xun

  • Faction: Wu
  • Ability: Burning (damage over time)

Liu Bei

  • Faction: Shu
  • Ability: Rage reduction, front row damage

Xun Yu

  • Faction: Wei
  • Ability: Bleeding (damage over time)

Gan Ning

  • Faction: Wu
  • Ability: Crowd control, inflicts Stun

Ma Chao

  • Faction: Shu
  • Ability: Single target explosion

Dian Wei

  • Faction: Wei
  • Ability: Column damage, AoE

Lil Qiao

  • Faction: Wu
  • Ability: Rage reduction

Guo Jia

  • Faction: Wei
  • Ability: Rage reduction

S Tier Characters

The S-tier heroes are also very good, and although they are not the very top of the list, they are still some of the best characters in Dynasty Scrolls. Buffing them cannot go wrong, so feel free to invest in them once you get them!

Diao Chan

  • Faction: Warlord
  • Ability: Inflicts Silence

Huang Yueying

  • Faction: Shu
  • Ability: Rage regen

Zhang Fei

  • Faction: Shu
  • Ability: Burst damage

Jiang Wei

  • Faction: Shu
  • Ability: High single-target DPS burst

Zuo Ci

  • Faction: Warlord
  • Ability: Transforms

Jia Xu

  • Faction: Warlord
  • Ability: AoE Damage over time (poison)

Sima Yi

  • Faction: Wei
  • Ability: Rage reduction

Sun Ce

  • Faction: Wu
  • Ability: Formation break

Dank Stash

  • Faction: Warlord
  • Ability: ATK boost

Xiahou Dun

  • Faction: Wei
  • Ability: Crowd control

Yu Ji

  • Faction: Wu
  • Ability: Crowd control, inflicts Stun

A+ Tier Characters

These heroes are almost as strong as the S-tier ones, but will require some work. They are still very viable, but you need to level them up, gear them up and improve them. They can also be quite situational, depending on what you need for a specific battle (like Big Qiao for example, or Big Qiao + Lil Qiao)

  • Zhen Ji (Faction: Wei, Attribute: Heal, ATK Boost)
  • Hua Tuo (Faction: Warlord, Attribute: Heal)
  • Zhang He (Faction: Wei, Attribute: AoE damage, high DPS)
  • Big Qiao (Faction: Wu, Attribute: Heal, DMG Reduction)
  • Lu Meng (Faction: Wu, Attribute: DPS, Burst finisher)
  • Wei Yan (Faction: Shu, Attribute: Row DMG, Crowd Control)
  • Sun Jian (Faction: Wu, Attribute: Column DMG, Rage Reduction)

A Tier Characters

  • Zhao Yun (Faction: Shu, Attribute: Column DMG)
  • Huang Zhong (Faction: Shu, Attribute: AoE DMG, Rage Reduction)
  • Gongsun Zan (Faction: Warlord, Attribute: Column DMG)
  • Sun Quan (Faction: Wu, Attribute: Crowd Control)
  • Lu Su (Faction: Wu, Attribute: Back Row DMG, Rage Reduction)
  • Xu Chu (Faction: Wei, Attribute: Single target burst damage)
  • Pang Tong (Faction: Shu, Attribute: Heal, Rage Recovery)
  • Hua Xiong (Faction: Warlord, Attribute: Front row burst DMG)
  • Taishi Ci (Faction: Wu, Attribute: Back Row DMG, Burn, damage over time)
  • Dong Zhuo (Faction: Warlord, Attribute: AoE Rage Reduction)
  • Xiahou Yuan (Faction: Wei, Attribute: Back Row DMG, Rage Reduction)

B Tier Characters

I don’t recommend investing into these heroes, and if you already did, then it might be time to put that Recycle option to good use. These heroes are not really amazing, but they could get a job done – somewhat. So, don’t bother with them unless you don’t have anything better to work with.

  • Zhou tai (Faction: Wu, Attribute: Tank)
  • Pang De (Faction: Wei, Attribute: Front Row DMG)
  • Fa Zheng (Faction: Shu, Attribute: Rage recovery)
  • Liao Zhang (Faction: Wei, Attribute: Front Row DMG, Rage Reduction)
  • Savory (Faction: Wu, Attribute: Front Row DMG)
  • Bu Lianshi (Faction: Wu, Attribute: Heal)
  • Cao Pi (Faction: Wei, Attribute: Crowd Control)
  • Cheng Pu (Faction: Wu, Attribute: Tank)

C Tier Characters

These heroes are definitely not worth bothering with. They will not bring too much to the team, and they will only keep you down. So, don’t waste resources because they won’t get you far.

  • Xu Sheng (Faction: Wu, Attribute: Single Target DPS)
  • Yue Jin (Faction: Wei, Attribute: Tank)
  • Cheng Gong (Faction: Warlord, Attribute: Back Row DMG)
  • Meng Huo (Faction: Shu, Attribute: Tank)
  • Huang Gai (Faction: Wu, Attribute: Front Row DMG)
  • Yan Liang (Faction: Warlord, Attribute: Single target DPS)
  • Yu Jin (Faction: Wei, Attribute: Single Target DPS)
  • Wen Chou (Faction: Warlord, Attribute: Heal)
  • Sonya (Faction: Shu, Attribute: Back Row Damage)

This would sum up our list of best heroes in Dynasty Scroll, and thus our Dynasty Scrolls tier list. Is there any other heroes that you believe is strong and deserves a better place on this list? Let me know down in the comments section below!

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