Dungeon Keeper Tips And Tricks


Dungeon Keeper is still today considered as one of the most unique games developed by Peter Molineux. The game has been recently ported on iOS devices and immediately became a controversial release.

Even though the game is a free to play title, very little in the game is free, with extended wait times for several actions and a huge number of IAPs. If you want to learn more about the matter, you can read our review of the game right here.

If the free to play mechanics and IAPs aren’t going to stop you, Dungeon Keeper is still a decent title to play. Here are some small tips that may help you in building and maintaining your own dungeon.

  • Imps

Imps are vital in the game. Not only they are used for digging, but also for building new rooms. What few gamers don’t know is that you can make them work faster by slapping them in the Imp menu. There’s really no reason to not do it, as the Imps seem to like it. Once slapped, the production will be sped up by around half an hour.

  • Mines and Quarries

Everything in Dungeon Keeper comes with a cost. Without stone or gold you will be able to do very little in the game. That’s why the best way to obtain more resources as soon as possible is by upgrading quarries and mines. Also make sure to keep them defended at all times: upgrading and then losing them isn’t going to help you much in the game.

  • Traps

Knowing how to use traps effectively is really going to be helpful in the game, especially if you can manage a bit of planning. Empty spaces can be filled with soft dirt by holding on your finger on an empty space. This will allow you to create some simple bottlenecks for your enemies. Combine this with some traps and you will see your opponents dying screaming. Not really, but it will allow you to defend your dungeon effectively.

  • Unlocking Buildings and Minions

Unlocking building types serve one more purpose other than its obvious one. The more types you unlock, the more minions you will be able to have, further expanding your possibilities.


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Dungeon Keeper Tips And Tricks


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