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Last week, EA released the mobile version of their popular game Dungeon Keeper. Released on the App Store, Dungeon Keeper is a combination of a tower defense, an real time strategy game and a simulation game. The premise is that you are an evil dungeon keeper building a massive underground lair full of minions, traps and other goodies.

Players send armies to raid other dungeons, while using a small crowd of imps to do their bidding in their own. With both a story mode and online multiplayer, Dungeon Keeper the ability to be a great game.

This game has been getting a lot of negative feedback online from fans of the original game. Not having played the original Dungeon Keeper, I am going to try to keep an unbiased mind. When I first started playing the game, I found the tutorial very helpful. I liked that it introduced things one at a time slowly while letting me go into the game.

Another thing I like about the gameplay is the RTS and tower defense aspects. I very much enjoy planning out my dungeon, strategically placing traps and placing rooms for the best defense. The raids are one of my favorite parts of the game, and the fact the story goes from defending your dungeon and attacking others is refreshing.  The graphics are also quite entertaining, with the characters looking both goofy and

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As much as I tried to really enjoy this game, the negatives do outweigh the positives a bit. The game is awfully time consuming. You have to wait anywhere from a few seconds to a whole day for an action to be done. You could buy more imps to get more done, but those require gems, which you can find in game, but not in a large number.

In order to get a large amount gems, that requires an in-app purchases. The cheapest one is $4.99 USD, which is still expensive compared to past EA in-app transaction. So most people can only go through the game with only two imps, causing a lot of time to be wasted just waiting.

If you are looking for a game to pick up a couple times a day just to past sometime, Dungeon Keeper is great for that. However, I would recommend just doing that. Unless EA releases and update that fixes the time waiting or in-app purchases, that is all this game is good for. But if you are looking for time waster or quick game to play everyday, Dungeon Keeper is great for that.

If you feel differently, let us know in the comments.

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Dungeon Keeper Review


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